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A little gift from a Blogger friend..

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Six of the favourite Benefit products..

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The fabulous Ann Summers have launched a competition to win £900 of Love To Shop vouchers and £100 Ann Summers vouchers. All you have to do is create a moodboard of how you would style an LBD alongside Ann Summers lingerie. I'm a massive lover of Ann Summers lingerie so I couldn't pass this opportunity up...


I've chosen this ASOS Cami dress as my LBD, this is a loose fitting dress so I wanted lingerie that would make me feel sexy and give me a little OOMPH. I opted for the IYLA CAMI for a few reasons; the colour is gorgeous, it comes with pads so you can get an enhanced cleavage - perfect for this v neckline! It's also tight fitting which would make me feel secure and sexy at the same time. I wanted to go for an overall dark and simple look, so I've chosen simple accessories. All of these accessories are avaliable from ASOS. I believe the gold cuff adds an understated amount of class to the outfit, which is what Christmas is all about. All of my beauty essentials are from NARS. I opted for the Arabian Nights Trio Eyeshadow to create a smokey eye as the colours are similar to the Iyla Cami, although other people cannot see they match, it would make me feel incredibly sexy. I've gone for a simple Black Varnish to match the black accessories, and to finish it off, a Sheer lipstick in Mayflower as it's a similar colour to my lip. 

I'd show this outfit off at a Cocktail bar with my girlfriends on NYE. I'm a believer in how you start the year is how your year will be, so if I start the year feeling sexy then I can feel sexy all year.. WIN?!

What do you think of my outfit? Feel free to comment a link to your post if you have entered this competition.

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High Neck Tops & Socks

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 Fashion & Beauty for Males & Females


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you festive lil month you..


 Fur & Checks..

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Just a lil haul..

I'm well known for hauling whenever I shop, but.. for probably the first time this year, I actually managed just a few things. (YAY).Some of the following things are from the childs section in Zara.. let me just start by saying; don't judge on these choices, yet.


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#THEWINTERPROJECT - Favourite Winter Scent

Ahh, how is it the third week of The Winter Project already?! Time flies & all that..
This is also the final week of the winter theme, next week we move onto Christmas related things, yay. Anyway, so this week is all about favourite winter scent, i'm going to talk about two different things that include Vanilla as that is my ultimate favourite scent.


Last year I recieved 'Carolina Herrera 212 VIP' for Christmas. I have never smelt anything so amazing in all my life. It's described as;

"A dazzling floriental explosion, sensual and sparkling with top notes of Bergamot, a delicious heart of flowers and a sensual base of vanilla and musk." 

A more detailed description;

The Fragrance
A partying tasty floriental eau de parfum combining style and attitude. The 212 VIP bottle is an object of desire, dazzling gold in colour, refined and feminine in shape. Designed with a magnetic cap for ease of use. Being a true VIP is all about private rules, a balance of party, friends and connections, not about fame and money. Rule 1. Always look for a party, but target the right one! Rule 2. Keep on Socialising.. An innate Virtue. Rule 3. Be hip and stylish... without trying too hard. Rule 4. Don't take yourself too seriously.
Fragrance Family
Warm Spicy
Fragrance Style
Fragrance Notes:
Top: Sweet chocolate and Cocoa beans.
Mid: Tobacco leaf and Tonka bean.
Base: woody and musky

To be honest when I tested it out I didn't know what different fragrances were within the perfume. Once I had discovered them, I was very suprised that I liked it as much as I did. I am not a fan of musk, probably because as a child I remember the overpowering smell of my Mum's Body Shop Musk & it's stayed with me ever since. However, I am a massive fan of Vanilla. The smell is just devine, (I love cake, that's probably why I love Vanilla so much, oops). I recently found out that the smell of Vanilla, is actually the smell of a Beaver's bum, how gross but that isn't going to put me off. Usually you become unaware of your own smell after a few hours but I was so impressed with this, the scent stays for such a long time. I'd definitely recommend this perfume, it retails around £32.99 for 30ml. You can purchase at Boots & most fragrance stores/chemists.


Candles are everywhere, especially during the winter. The range of scents has grown dramatically over the last few years & candles have become very popular; especially the Yankee Candle range. I didn't want to include a Yankee because I see them around so often, so I thought i'd be different. I've decided to go for a range that is super cheap and 100% my favourite fragrance ever; introducing Tesco's tealights in Vanilla. Yes, Vanilla again but these are incredible. The smell lingers regardless of wether they are burning or not. I've got some beautiful tealight holders from a company called 'Gordy's Wood', they make soooo many different things out of the wood from the Isle of Wight pier and they are such good quality. Anyway, i'm obsessed with buying tealights & I can't stress how great these are, and they are only £1.75 for 27 tealights. You can't really go wrong!

What is your favourite scent for the winter? Feel free to comment your links if you're taking part in The Winter Project.

Amy x


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Calling all bloggers...
I recently recieved an email to tell me that Rare London were offering a 15% discount code exclusively for bloggers. This code is only avaliable on Jumpsuits/Playsuits. This code WILL NOT be appearing anywhere else other than within the blogging community, feel free to share this on your blog but do not post the code on social media sites.

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For a long time I've been wary of lipstick; I have pale skin so I've always been a little shy when it comes to colours, sticking to nude or just no colour. However, after a recent bbloggers chat over on Twitter, I had a little confidence boost and thought why not get out of the comfort zone. So, as you can see I had a splurge, totalling 17 lipsticks...

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#THEWINTERPROJECT - Favourite Winter Accessory

This is the second week of #thewinterproject & it's all about your Favourite Winter Accessory.

I'm going to be a little cheeky & instead of choosing a specific accessory, I've decided to talk about faux fur - because it's an excellent detail on so many accessories & definitely my favourite. When the temperature starts dropping, the whole country goes craaaazy for faux fur; I absolutely love it. It's without a doubt one of the most stylish fabrics & soooo cosy. Fur detail can be seen on many items; coats, headbands, hats, scarfs, bags, shoes.. etc. I've decided to include my favourite items that include fur. Please click on item title for a link to the shop.

"You cannot fake chic but you can be chic and fake fur" - Karl Lagerfeld


Clear Grey Eleven Paris Eleven Paris Safety Light Jacket Grey Clothing At Zalando UK | Outer Fabric Material: 70% Wool, 30% Polyester | Clothing Order At Zalando UK! 
Eleven Paris have absolutely nailed this, I cannot stress just how great this coat is; the quality is impeccable. I'm one of those people that constantly buy coats & I've never had any as great as this. I recently wore this at a firework party & it tipped it down the whole time, I could of cried because I thought the fur was ruined.. however, it survived & still looks just as good as new! YAY.  I'm not entirely sure as to why this is a 'safety' coat but it does have a weird little chain at the back which is probably something to do with it. You can remove the fur as it attaches with poppers; a big YES for making the coat versatile, especially here in the UK for when you get those sticky winter days where you just can't deal with a big coat. You can also wear it as a gilet. I love the colour of this jacket, it's a khaki grey colour which means it can be styled with a number of different colours. I think this is a brilliant alternative for the 'parka', however.. I probably wouldn't have bought this if it wasn't for the fur. It's just BEAUTIFUL. There is no link for this, sorry.

I recently bought the cream one & I was suprised by how great the quality was for such a small price. I'm constantly putting this on, admiring it but then hanging it back up because i'm actually too scared to wear this out, just incase it rains & the fur matts. I need to grow some & just wear it because the world needs to see it. H&M have recently added the grey one to their stock, which is £10 cheaper & I think it looks amazing. It's currently in my bag just waiting for me to click 'confirm order'. I recently fell in love with the exact same style in Dorothy Perkins but at over double the price.. who wouldn't chose the cheaper one?! I've also seen some beautiful faux fur coats over at 'KJ Dressing Room'.

 I'm going to be honest, when it came to these I thought they looked ridiculous. I could never even bring myself to try one on but then whilst browsing lusting over the majority of the in store M&S collection, I came across this. OH HELLO. Yes, I tried it on & yes, it looked incredible. It is so soft & the best thing for your head when you just don't want to mess up your hair. This features a little ruched detail at the front which definitely helps the bulkiness. I'm still not sure if I am a massive fan of these as most of the ones i've seen are darker colours but this colour is perfect, especially for pale skin tones. This will be forever a part of my winter look. They also have a similar one in Next for £8.

I am an asbolute sucker for bobble hats; they revert me back to my inner child. A super cute way to stay warm throughout the winter. I absolutely love faux fur bobbles as they are such a simple way to add a bit of style & detail to an outfit. You cannot go wrong with these, especially at such a great price.

 Eamuffs are another accessory that make me revert to childhood. There are so many cute styles, I love the leopard print ones above - a simple way to add print into an outfit. Earmuffs range in price, Tesco & Matalan have some lovely ones that start from a small price of £4. UGG have some beautiful ones but the price starts at £70, the majority of people couldn't justify that, right?! 

What is your favourite Winter Accessory? If you are taking part in this project then feel free to comment a link to your post. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

amy x

*all images were taken from the store websites. 

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 It's nearly Christmas, WOOHOO..

I've decided to hold a beauty giveaway as a little end of year thank you to my lovely readers, new & old and a chance to win some of my favourite beauty products. Sorry in advance for the crud photos, still using my phone camera, boo.

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Aveeno Moisturising Lotion Review

I recently received a sample of the 'Aveeno - Daily Moisturising Lotion' within the December issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine. On the back of the packaging reads; 'Daily Moisturising Lotion with Colloidal Oatmeal, known for its soothing properties, moisturises dry skin for 24 hours. Absorbs quickly and leaves skin soft.'

I decided to do a little research into Colloidal Oatmeal because I'd never heard of it before. It's a product that consists of finely ground up Oats. It's mainly put into bathwater as it can be used as medication for dry/itchy skin. It also has benefits of helping certain skin conditions, such as; eczema, psoriasis, chicken pox & acne. The pain of sunburns, bug bites, poison ivy and other rashes may also be relieved using this home remedy. It has also been used by people who have rosacea. There are certain ingredients within Colloidal Oatmeal which contain antifungal properties, falvonoids (which help to absorb UVA rays) & vitamin E which is an anti- inflammatory. Phenols & starches within the product are what helps moisturizing, working alongside the cellulose & fibre from the oats you are guaranteed to get soft skin because together they make a skin-softening emollient (perfect for relieving itchiness & redness).

  The Aveeno website says;

"Formulated with naturally active colloidal oatmeal, this fast absorbing lotion is clinically proven to significantly improve the condition of dry skin in just 2 weeks."

As I only had a sample size of this product, I can't comment on whether it's capable of improving dry skin in 2 weeks but I can definitely see how, and believe it would. I applied this moisturiser after a bath and I was surprised at just how quickly it was absorbed. I've used so many moisturisers in the past & none have left my skin as soft as this. Over 24 hours later & my skin still felt great. You can definitely tell that this has an emollient factor to it as the formula seems a little thicker (not greasy) than most moisturisers. It's fragrance free, which essential for dry skin & skin conditions. This product does have a slight smell, it reminds me of anti-septic, but that soon disappears. This specific product retails at £7.65 in Boots & I would definitely recommend this to anyone. 

Picture of AVEENO® Daily Moisturising Lotion 300ml bottle 
*taken from the Aveeno website.

Aveeno have different ranges which are; Daily Moisture Range (BODY), Skin Relief Range (BODY), Dry Eczema - Prone Range & Positively Radiant Range (FACE). Please click the range for a link to their website. You can buy their products here, although they are also available in Superdrug & most supermarkets.
amy x

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#THEWINTERPROJECT- Favourite Winter Nail Polish

So this is the starting post for #thewinterproject series. This week is Favourite Winter Nail Polish.

Winter is definitely my favourite season for nails. The colour trends for this year are; Red, Berry & Black. For me, winter nails are all about the darker shades & glitter. BarryM, Rimmel, Models Own, Avon, NailsINC & No7 are my favourites for nail varnish and they have some incredible colours out for the winter months. If you want an affordable way to spruce up a simple outfit then nails are the perfect way to do this.

 My current favourite nail polish for this winter is… 

BARRY M- Classic Matte Nail Paint in Burgundy Crush £3.99

Unfortunately, when I wore this…I totally forgot to take a photo (idiot, right?!).  Matte varnishes are an acquired taste, I for one always loved my nails super shiny, that was until I tried out these. The formula is very smooth & they dry so quickly, the matte texture doesn’t show immediately but you will see it start to develop within 10 seconds. The Burgundy Crush shade is a deep red, which I love. Red colours remind me of Christmas which is probably why this is my favourite. As we approach Christmas, I’ll probably spruce this style up with some silver or gold glitter. 

'Marry your nails with your accessories and mirror them with your makeup. Matchy matchy is back.' - Cosmopolitan Magazine

Although this isn’t nail polish, I wanted to include Nail art within this post because it has been around for some time now & if you are anything like me then you have zero capability of doing anything fancy due to a lack of steady hand. But have no fear, Revlon have teamed up with Marchesa & together they have created these BEAUTIFUL appliqués. You can purchase them for £8.99, they have 8 different styles but these two are definitely my favourite. They are 'Crown Jewels' & 'Royal Burgundy'. I will definitely be purchasing these. They are the perfect accessory to any outfit, especially for winter/Christmas.

Inspiration for creating your own cute nails is just a simple Google search away. 
Here are two of my favourites;

This look can be achieved very simply; start with a white nail varnish, apply two coats & then finish with a clear top coat. Whilst the top coat is still wet, sprinkle on some silver glitter & add a gem. TADA! You can find nail gems & glitter are so cheap on eBay.

I watched a tutorial on this last year and found it very simple to do, although it is time consuming. I've found an easy to follow tutorial here.


I hope you enjoyed my first post, if you are taking part in this then feel free to comment with links to your posts. 
amy x
*all images were taken from Google.
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