Friday, October 25, 2013

Hey guys, just a quick post from my mobile to say I'll be absent for a few days. Off to Cambridge for my brothers wedding.. have a great weekend! Xo 
amy x 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Here in Cornwall there has been a severe lack of sun over the summer.. so I've been left with the 'Shall I tan?' dilemma for my brothers wedding this weekend. In my recent Cosmopolitan magazine, I got the St.Tropez tan for free (perfect timing!). I already had the Tanatomicals tan so I thought i'd test which one was better.


"A streak- free easy-to-use formula that delivers an instant, tan, that lasts for one night only. Our revolutionary RAINMAC™ technology ensures that your tan is water and transfer resistant. Suitable for use on face and body."

 "This product is suitable for frequent use and gives an instant colour, while the tan develops underneath. 360 degree technology means you can use the aerosol upside down in areas difficult to reach. With added moisturisers to leave skin feeling great. All Tanatomicals products are formulated for active lifestyles and are quick and easy to apply and maintain."

My legs are manly & naturally lily white (sigh) so they make very rare appearances.I rarely use tan but when they are out; abit of colour can make the world of difference. I have only tanned my lower legs as that's all that will be on show at the wedding. The St.Tropez tan is in a liquid form, and comes out so dark; I was a little worried that I'd be an oompaloompa in no time. Tanatomicals tan comes in a spray can. I applied both onto the skin, and then rubbed it in with latex gloves. I personally prefer to use gloves over a mitt because there is less wastage! Here are my before/after pictures; the right calf is St.Tropez, the left is Tanatomicals

                       BEFORE                                                                                   AFTER

 As you can see both of these tans claim to be instant, the after picture was taken about half an hour after application. To be honest, I couldn't really notice any difference when I was looking at them, but in the pictures you can definitely see some colour. 


Although I exfoliated before using the tan, Tanatomicals showed up my hair folicles a lot more than the St. Tropez, i think this is probably because it's a stronger colour but it looks like a rash :(



 Sorry for the bad lighting in the second photo but it seemed to show up the difference of the tans! The right calf (St.Tropez) barely looks any different to my natural leg colour & the left (Tanatomicals) is slightly orange. For the wedding, I will be using the St Tropez, mainly because I don't want to gradually go orange. However, if I was going for a longer wear tan then i'd definitely go for the Tanatomicals because it's a better colour and lasts incredibly well. Based on price, application & colour then I'd probably recommend the Tanatomicals over the St.Tropez. I originally bought the Tanatomicals for £2.98, but it is now retailed at £6.99 from Superdrug- WELL WORTH IT. The St.Tropez is retailed between £8-£10, in my personal opinion I don't think it is worth that. For free it was brilliant, but I won't be purchasing this. I found the spray can is a lot easier to apply than the liquid and it was also easier to blend. 

What are you favourite tans?! 

amy x

Monday, October 21, 2013



Lavish Alice are currently holding a fabulous competition, you can find details on their blog here.

Looking through their website,  it was impossible to just find a few things.. I got a bit carried away and now my wishlist includes 8 different things. So here are my style choices, yes Tartan is in each one but we all know I love it ;) The first two outfits are easy to wear day or night, but the third one is mainly for a partaay! Please click on the item description for links.




Colbalt blue is quickly becoming my new favourite colour.. & I just love ASOS. So, I thought i'd share my peg trousers that I got from the ASOS sale a few weeks ago! £7.50!! They aren't the most flattering pair of trousers I've ever owned but i LOVE them and they are soooo comfy.

 (Do not do any favours for the butt)

These are so versatile, I'd definitely wear them if I was going out in the evening; I'd pair them with a court or sandal shoe. But for now, I'm wearing them whilst sat on the sofa & drinking tea.. (a more stylish option than grey joggers).

What is your favourite colour at the moment? 
Have you got anything from the ASOS sale? (IT'S AMAZING)


Sunday, October 20, 2013


Please excuse the outfits.. it's been a meh week.

Heels-New Look
Chain-River Island

Leather Jacket- New Look
Scarf- H&M
Wax Jeans- Zara
Shoes-River Island

Shoes- New Look
Necklace- Dorothy Perkins

Disco Pants- American Apparel
 Plimsolls- Superga
Necklace- Dorothy Perkins

Hope you've all had a great week :)


Thursday, October 17, 2013

17 Beauty Haul

Hurray for the 3 for £10 offer on all 17 products in Boots at the moment.. Here is what I bought; 

 Miracle Matte Foundation, On The Spot Foundation & CC Cream. 
I am a massive fan of the Miracle Matte foundation, I've combination skin and this is great for minimising shine. I usually mix it in with 17's BB Cream to achieve full coverage. 
I've only tried the On The Spot & CC cream a few times since purchase, but so far so good; amazing coverage. Unfortunately my local Boots only sell these two with the lightest shade being fair.. & that is slightly too dark for me (boo for pale skin). So again.. I have to mix in a little bit of the Miracle Matte, which I have in Ivory.. it's then perfect!

 Supreme Shine Lipsticks, Falsifeye Mascara, Back Lash Mascara, Miracle Matte Concealer Stick & Miracle Matte Concealer Crayon. 
Originally I bought the concealer crayon first, despite the fact it conceals well & has great coverage.. I'm not a massive fan; only because it's just hassle to have to re-sharpen it. On every other level it's amazing! The stick is exactly the same; great coverage but you don't have to sharpen it. WOOP. Definitely worth a buy and works well with or without foundation. 
Falsifeye mascara is amazing, I buy this repeatedly because of how good it is. I get the 'Blackest Black' shade which defines the eye well with a bit more of a dramatic look. It makes the lashes stand out and is my favourite mascara for making the lashes look longer.

 This is a swatch of the Supreme Shine lipsticks; the top one is shade 'Rich' & the bottom one is shade 'Bon Bon'. Both of these come out a bit darker on the lip but I love them, they are amazing quality and last for a good few hours. I'm always a little hasty on lipstick because of my pale skin but I'm going for it, 17 have some beautiful shades.. I might just buy them all whilst the 3 for £10 offer is still on! 

Yes my eye looks incredibly creepy but this is before and after using the Back Lash Mascara, I love this so much. Mascara is an absolute need for me, and without it I feel naked. I love how it opens up the eye and makes it look so much brighter. I've had no clumping issues, it seperates & enlongates the lashes well without it being too dramatic. 

Have you bought any 17 products in this offer? What are your favourite beauty items?


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sale Steals - Hello Shoes!

So yesterday I went into town with Mum, with the sole intention of only helping her find some new shoes & then I walked out of New Look with 6 pairs of shoes...OOPS. I most definitely sucummed to their sale, but how can you resist shoes when they are under £12..
So here are my new babies;

Nude sandal style with gold heel, very similar to the Zara ones but £12.. AMAZING.
 If it's possible to fall in love with a pair of shoes then I have, these are beautiful & so comfy. £10, WOOP.
 Simple but stylish, these look amazing with rolled up jeans or leather trousers, £11.. Bargain.

I had NO dolly shoes, can you believe that?! I'm normally a sucker for loafers but I loved the detail on all of these, and they are so cute.
 Nude; £12. Blue;£8. Purple;£7

Thank you New Look, how I love thee!


Monday, October 14, 2013

Screaming for the sales


It's hit mid season and the online stores are going wild with their sales. Do you do a little WOOP of joy when you see 'SALE' in your email inbox? 
I trawled through the Topshop sale for hours earlier.. my bag reached over £1000 and I accidently clicked off. ( Probably a good thing ) but it wiped the whole thing. I just couldn't even bring myself to go through it all over again. However, I've just been back on, & suprise suprise.. most of the things I wanted are out of stock (CRY). I've got my eye on a few cheeky things but I'm off shopping tomorrow.. so I'm being good, and waiting to make my online purchase (It really is harder than it sounds).
Have a look for yourself here, you might just thank me! Urban Outfitters also have a whopping up to 50% off sale here.

What items have you got from the mid season sales? What are your favourite stores?


Sunday, October 13, 2013


So..I've decided rather than posting daily OOTD's; I'd do a Sunday summary of my outfits of the week. 

The weather has been a little unpredictable this week, however it has still been warm; so I'm torn between wrapping up or baring a little skin whilst I'm still able to. Anyone else have this seasonal panic as the weather changes?! Ahh, it drives me mad! 

Top - Topshop
Boots- New Look

Hoops & Tights - H&M

Leather Jacket-ASOS 
Shoes- Kurt Geiger
Chain- ASOS

Chain-River Island

Shoes-River Island
Ring & Sunglasses-Primark.

How have you been dressing for this weather?! What are your favourite A/W items? 

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