Thursday, February 27, 2014

Review - Oqibo Skincare.

Skincare, BeautyBack in January the lovely Beth from Oqibo Skincare contacted me and asked if I'd like to review some of their products. Of course I was going to say YES! Before I continue with my review of the products, I just want to say that I was really impressed with the way I was approached. Some companies will just send you a bog standard PR email. However, I received the nicest email ever, honestly. This email showed they had read some of my posts, one of which was particularly personal and they took their time to give me some great confidence boosting!

A few days after the email, I received a lovely box which included; Purifying Cleanser/Toner, Hydra Restore Cream & some smaller samples of their Intense Moisture Defence & Skin Refining Exfoliator. Not to mention the fact, there was also a personal letter in there too, another big bonus point!

The packaging of all these products is excellent, it's very simple being black & white. The products are easy to get out of the bottles. The only thing I did have a problem with was that the writing on the Cleanser bottle occasionally came off onto my hands.

Purifying Cleanser/Toner

Oqibo Purifying Cleanser & Toner
A product that is both a cleanser & a toner is a bonus for me, I am as you may remember from a previous post, a bit bad at skincare. However, these products have given me a huge kick up the butt. 

This product is designed to not only cleanse, but also to replenish the minerals & amino acids that are sometimes lost due to everyday exposure to the elements. It regulates the sebum, which helps to protect the natural balance of the skin. It's also suitable for every skin type.

This product is really simple to use; you apply the product to wet hands and then onto a dry face, this then creates a foamy appearance. Simply wash off with a flannel, and repeat morning/evening. The product itself is an Orange, Pink colour. The formula isn't too thick, and a small amount goes a long way. There is a slight minty fragrance, which I love.  I was really impressed with how it made my skin feel. It instantly looks refreshed, and within a week, I noticed it looked a lot smoother, and the redness has calmed down. I do have acne, this product didn't help that but it did help the skin that wasn't affected and has definitely improved my blemishes. Sometimes, I felt like this was a little drying on the skin, but the majority of the time, I really liked it. I don't feel like this works well on stubborn make up, but as an overall cleanser for everyday dirt, it's excellent.

This product retails at £23.65 and is currently on offer for an extra 100ml. I've used it, twice a day for over a month and I'm not even halfway through using the bottle so, I do feel like this is good value for money. I've always begrudged paying alot for skincare products because most I've tried, just don't work. However, this is something that has worked for me so I'd be happy to repurchase!

Hydra Restore Cream

Oqibo Hydra Restore Cream
This product is designed to stop skin drying out. A lightweight moisturiser to restore, hydrate and protect for visibly smoother, more radiant and healthy skin.

At first, I used this after using the Cleanser/Toner because my skin has become quite dry. However, I did notice that I started to look a bit greasy, and I also noticed a few pimples. I can't be sure that this was from the product though. This isn't supposed to be used specifically as an everyday base moisturiser, it's targeted to put on whenever your skin feels a little sore. I did feel like I got on better with it when I used it when I needed to. Around my nose, and forehead can sometimes get a little dry though out the day, it definitely helps to improve the look of that and stop it from drying out more. The formula itself isn't too thick and it also smells lovely!

This product retails at £33.15.If I'm completely honest, I wouldn't purchase this myself, only because I need a more intense moisturiser. If you just needed something light, then this is perfect.

Intense Moisture Defence

Oqibo Intense Moisture Defence
This product is a rich moisturising formula with protective UV filter that delivers long-lasting hydration for dry or thirsty skin.

After a conversation with the girls about my relationship with the Hydra Restore, they suggested that I used this moisturiser, twice daily. I now use this after cleansing in the morning, and at night. The formula is quite thick, but you don't need a lot to spread it across your face. It also dries reasonably quickly, and doesn't leave your face greasy.  Over the course of time, I've found my skin looks, and feels a lot smoother. I'm really impressed with this, it's my new holy grail moisturiser and I recommend it to everyone. It definitely helps to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day, and I also find it's a good base for make up too. I really feel like this protects my skin, and the added UV filter is a huge bonus!

This product retails at £35.75. This is a little pricey, but this is another product that I've found works for me so I'd be happy to repurchase at this price. It's a essential product for me, and I'm so glad it's in my life!

Skin Refining Exfoliator

Oqibo Skin Refining Exfoliator
This product is a dual purpose skin polishing exfoliator that remineralises and hydrates as it whisks away dull and drab surface cells, leaving behind a smooth and radiant complexion.

I'm going to admit now that I haven't tried this. I did explain to the girls that I'm scared to use exfoliators as my skin is just too sensitive. I've had bad experiences and sometimes, I think they cause more irritation and end up making problems worse.

 However, if you're not a total sap like me and use exfoliator's, then you can purchase this for a retail price of £23.95. Judging by the rest of the products, this is probably good!

Overall, I love these products. I do feel like my skin has improved and it's definitely a lot healthier. I feel a lot more confident as I don't have blemishes and my skin looks radiant. If you have the money to spend extra pennies on your skincare then I'd recommend you give this brand a try. 

*pictures taken from Oqibo website.

Have you tried Oqibo before? 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

OOTD - Fur & Bootcuts.

Coat - Warehouse | Everything else - Zara

If it's possible to fall in love with a coat, then I have. I saw this little beauty on the gorgeous Millie Mackintosh and I knew instantly that it had to be mine. After stalking it multiple times on the Warehouse website, I decided that it was just time to buy it. Then it was out of stock. I literally cried when I saw it was back, and snapped it up straight away. I'm always worried about fur because it can become matted and look cheap within a few wears. I'm hoping this isn't the case as I want to keep this forever. I love the cute collar design, and it's really well fitted.

Anyway, moving on to the rest.. cringe, it's all Zara again. I love the shirt so much, the little flared section at the bottom half of the top is so cute. Sorry for the creases! You may recognise the necklace from my recent necklace haul post, here. 

This is the first time in months that I haven't worn skinny jeans. I know I'll never fall out of love with my skinnies, but I really adore how bootcut jeans make my legs look. And of course, they give you the opportunity to wear heeled boots. I'm wearing some gorgeous boots that I picked up in the Zara sale, however, I couldn't picture these in a flattering way, rolling my jeans up just looked ridiculous.  
This bag is actually pretty cool, although it just looks like some boring thing, it actually has so much room to hoard everything around in. The zipped section that folds over, actually unzips into like a secret compartment, I was so impressed this. What a loser, ha. 

Have you picked up anything new recently?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Review - Illamasqua 'Tremble' Powder Blush.

Ilamasqua Tremble Blush, Matte Blush, Blusher, Swatch, Review
Ilamasqua Tremble Blush, Matte Blush, Blusher, Swatch, Review
Ilamasqua Tremble Blush, Matte Blush, Blusher, Swatch, Review
Ilamasqua Tremble Blush, Matte Blush, Blusher, Swatch, Review

Illamasqua blushes are raved about throughout the beauty blogger world, so when I spotted this in the Illamasqua sale, I had to pick it up. I've seen a lot of people talk about the shades 'Hussy' and 'Lover'. Now, whilst I admit they do look gorgeous, I thought I'd go for the pinker option, and now I'm just going to point you all in the direction of this blush. 

As I've stated before, I am a massive fan of the Illamasqua packaging, it's simple, understated and looks more expensive than it is, despite the fact it is just plastic. The blushes have a transparent window, which I think is so helpful, you're easily able to distinguish the difference between the shades. 

This particular blusher comes in 17 shades, ranging from a white highlighter to a strong purple colour. The 'Tremble' shade is described as being 'Soft Lilac'. I have to say that I completely disagree with this, It's edging towards a pink, coral shade. 

Illamsaqua say  "Illuminate, radiate, make your face come alive with the colour and drama of Illamasqua Powder Blusher. Colour-intense and highly pigmented, use it to shade, brighten, enhance and define the shape of your face. Be bold, be daring, be the centre of attention"

I've found this blush to be highly pigmented, and the colour is excellent. You can build this up to be a strong block colour, or just one sweep would provide some sheer colour to the cheeks. I was surprised at how easily this transfers on to my blush brush. It blends exceptionally well but still manages to withstand throughout the day. The overall wear of the blush depends on how much you have put on, but just a few sweeps lasts the majority of the day.

The blush is a matte finish with absolutely no shimmer to it at all; this I love. Some days I just don't feel like sparkling in the sun, ha! Anyway, the matte blush leaves my skin feeling really soft, and it almost helps to soften the look of my skin. Recently, my skin has become very dry and my pores have enlarged, luckily this doesn't highlight these problems at all. It also works really within my contour routine. 

Overall, I'd definitely recommend this shade, or in fact any from this blush range; especially if you want a strong pop of colour. I picked this up in the sale for £5, but they normally retail for £18. I think this is excellent value for money, and would urge anyone to at least try them. I challenge you not to fall in love with this. 

Have you tried the Illamsaqua blushes before? What is your favourite shade?

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Zara Statment Necklace Haul.

Zara, Statement Necklace, Silver, Jewellery, High Street

Zara, Statement Necklace, Silver, Jewellery, High Street

Zara, Statement Necklace, Silver, Jewellery, High Street

Zara, Statement Necklace, Silver, Jewellery, High Street

I've stared at the accessories page of Zara for a long time, the majority of the time I click off and think.. 'I'm not paying that for a necklace'. However, I recently fell in love with these three beauties and they were quickly snapped up. Now, I'm left wondering why didn't I just do this before? I completely understand why these necklaces are at least £20 more expensive than those you get in New Look; they don't look or feel cheap and the designs are just on point. These colours will be perfect in the Spring & Summer months. YAY for hot accessories, now for HOT weather.

Have you ever bought any necklaces from Zara?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

OOTD - Pastel Purple Rollneck.

How cringe, I just realised I'm a walking advert for Zara.  Honestly, everything I'm wearing is from Zara.

All of these are recent purchases, bagged everything in the sale, except from the necklace. I absolutely love this jumper, the colour is gorgeous and perfect for the transition between Winter/Spring.  I broke away from the dark colours I usually wear and pulled out the white jeans (well, they're cream, anyone else hate when they're advertised as white and they aren't?). The sun has started to peek, and now I'm literally yelling for Summer to arrive. CYA BLACK CLOTHING. (Well, maybe not, I can't break away from the beloved black, just yet). Sorry for the shameless selfie, it was a good make up day ;)

How are you dressing for this weather?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Review - Illamasqua Cream Foundation.

Illamasqua Foundation, Cream Foundation, High End Beauty,  
This is the first product I've tried from Illamasqua, can ya believe it?! Not only is this my first Illamasqua purchase, but this is also my first cream foundation. 

I was surprised to see how diverse their range of foundation shades are, ranging from White (shade 100) to Black (355). Some of you may wonder why they stock white, and black because let's face it.. there are a very minute amount of people that have those skin colours. I'm talking paper white, and coal black by the way. However, if you know Illamasqua then you will know that they are big on their artistic make up, and creating funky looks. Illamasqua say that this foundation 'Create a base that brings out the bold in you. Illamasqua Cream Foundation provides medium-full coverage and works with your skin to cover and enhance. It blends easily, allowing you to vary coverage as much or as little as you need, effortlessly balancing uneven skin tone and giving you the control to create a flawless finish. Comes in a mirror compact for touch-ups on the go.'

First thoughts are that I love the packaging. Simple and understated, the black looks really classy and expensive. Once open, the pot features a compact mirror, and a sponge. I really love the idea of the mirror, it makes it easy to apply the foundation on the go. I'm not a huge fan on the sponge but it's good to carry around with you!

I chose shade 115, which is tailored for pale skin with neutral undertones. When I opened the pot, I could smell a vanilla scent, this is not stated on the website but I really like it! After first application of this foundation, I wanted to cry. Honestly, it was so pale and I thought I looked ghostly. However, after about 5 minutes, the foundation kind of matched my skin colour and it was like I wasn't wearing foundation at all.  I would definitely say that it's a medium coverage foundation, so if you're wanting to cover pesky spots then you will need concealer too. I do feel like this is perhaps a little cakey, especially against dry skin, it makes my skin look flaky around the outer edge of my T zone. I really hated that it did this, mainly because I've never found a foundation do this before, however I discovered that if I used a buffer brush then it helped improve the appearance of this. This foundation does make my skin feel really soft & I was so impressed with staying power, it lasts relatively long, around 8 hours and doesn't crease around the eyes. If you're not keen on using this as a foundation, I believe it would work well as a concealer. The biggest downfall is that it doesn't contain SPF, SPF is so important and essential as it protects your skin from those pesky sunrays, it's always a plus point when buying a foundation.

As you can tell, this foundation does blend very well.

You may of noticed that I picked this up in my recent Illamasqua haul. This foundation was amongst their sale, so I picked it up for £5. BARGAIN. Usually, this retails at £23, I think this is excellent value for money, especially if you decided to use it as a concealer.

Overall, I do like this. I really like it. I use this daily because I find it's a really good base and it's so easy to apply blush etc over it without it looking too much. I recently purchased this again in shade 110, which is white with pink undertones. I think this will work really well as a highlighter, I'm excited to get playing with it! Sadly, this is now discontinued.

Have you tried this foundation before? What are your favourite Illamasqua products?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

2014 Blogger Challenge #4.

So this week is the 4th topic of the Blogger Challenge and it's all about High End VS High Street. This has always been a controversial topic, with many people believing 'you get what you pay for'. Relatively speaking, this is true. However, over recent years the High Street has upped it's game and is giving the higher end a run for their money. This is relevant in both fashion & beauty... 
In terms of beauty, Boots/Superdrug products were cheap, but that's about as good as it got. The make up was a dismal, and the packaging wouldn't keep intact. Now, the high street make up brands are pushing the boat out, and really trying to rival the High End stuff. There is a lot more variety, good quality and you're guaranteed to find a cheap dupe somewhere...

Here are some dupes that I've found are just as good, if not better than some higher end products..


                  URBAN DECAY NAKED PALETTE £37                 MUA 'UNDRESSED' PALETTE £4

               MAC GIRL ABOUT TOWN £15                                 BARRY M PUNKY PINK £4.49

Obviously there are some high end products that you will favour over the cheaper. But, I also believe that even though sometimes it's worth paying a little bit more; It's also worth paying less, because you can afford to keep rebuying the product if it doesn't last as long. Therefore.. the winner for me is the..

Feel free to leave your links below if you're taking part in the challenge. You can find the rest of my posts here.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentines Outfit Ideas.

Valentines Outfit, Fashion, Zara, Leather Dress

I absolutely love this dress so I thought I'd do two outfit posts with the dress in different colours. They are both perfect for that HOT date you have, yes? No? Okay, well if not then it's still perfect for a night of dancing with your girls! I love the neckline and the ruched waist. I think it really accentuates the figure in a cute way, it isn't tight but shows the perfect amount of skin. You'll notice that I've chosen not to accessorise either outfit because I didn't want them to look too busy. 


The black style is more vampy and has that kind of sex appeal about it. There's something about wearing black & red that screams sexy, team this outfit with some red lippy and dark eye and you'd look smokin'.


The pink style is cute, I absolutely love this. It appeals to the love aspect of Valentines and it's so girly. The detail of the clutch helps to accessorise the outfit, and breaks up the pale colours. Team this with a nude lip, and a soft smokey eye and you're onto a winner.

Which is your favourite look?

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Tag - TMI.


I've been tagged by the lovely Shell from What Shell Says, check out her blog, she's fairly new but definitely one to watch :)) I haven't actually seen the TMI tag before, but it stands for 'Too Much Information'...

 What are you wearing?   
Zara Skinny Jeans, Zara Cropped Jumper & Topshop Cami

Ever been in love? 

Ever had a terrible break up?
Yup, I'm pretty sure experiences this at one point in their life.

How tall are you? 
5ft3.5. & yes the .5 is crucial 

 How much do you weigh?  
8.6stone.. sigh

 Any tattoos?   
Yes, and they are awful. 
A bow on my wrist, a heart on my chest & Live, Laugh, Love in Chinese on the back of my neck

 Any piercings?
Tongue, Belly and Ears twice

Haley , Nathan, Scott, One Tree Hill
 Haley & Nathan Scott - One Tree Hill.
 You've missed out if you never watched this.

Favourite show?
The Walking Dead

Favourite bands?
1975, Arctic Monkeys, The Killers.. oh my there are loads

Something you miss?  
My life without anxiety/panic

Favourite song?   
The Killers - Mr Brightside or The Feeling - Fill My Little World

How old are you?  

Zodiac sign?  

Quality you look for in a partner? 
Loyalty, Intelligence & Ambition

Favourite quote? 
'We accept the love we think we deserve'

Favourite actor?  
 Channing Tatum, Sexy, Crush, Love
Channing Tatum

Favourite colour?  

Loud music or soft?  
Depends on the mood, I like both.

Where do you go when you're sad?
To my bed

How long does it take you to shower?  
20 minutes or so

 How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Half an hour at most 

Ever been in a physical fight?  
Not really

Turn on?
Confidence, Passion & Kissing

Turn off?
Poor Hygiene, Cockiness, Ignorance & Greed

Reason I started blogging?
I love Fashion/Beauty & needed to something to focus my mind away from Anxiety.

 Being alone

 Last thing that made you cry?   
 I watched The Hunger Games - Catching Fire.. when Katniss couldn't say goodbye to her sister. 
Yes, I always cry at films because I place myself in the positions of the characters

Last time you said you loved someone?
Two days ago to my Mum.

Meaning behind you blog name?  
It's just my name, because it's my life & what I think

Last book you read?  
A Drunkards Tale - Tom Sykes

Book you're currently reading?
Easter Island - Jennifer Vanderbes

 Last show you watched?

Last person you talked to?  
My Brother

Relationship between you and the person you last text?  

Favourite food?  
Pizza or Chocolate, the unhealthy things are the best.

Place you want to visit?  
Italy, Verona, Visit, Travel, Romeo And Juliet 
Verona - Italy, home of Romeo & Juliet

Last place you were? 
At my dads, playing GTA5. LOL 

 Do you have a crush? 
If Channing Tatum counts then yes

Last time you kissed someone?  
In THAT way; 2 years ago. Otherwise Friday, saying goodbye to Mum

Last time you were insulted?   
Last week.

Favourite flavour of sweets?   
Red/Purple Skittles

What instruments do you play? 

Favourite piece of jewellery?  
Pandora Bracelet that my beautiful sister got me for my 18th

Last sport you played?  
Running, if that counts.

Last song you sang?   
Pharrell Williams - Happy

Favourite chat up line? 
None, they suck

 Have you ever used it?  
Don't need to, haha.. kiddin'

Last time you hung out with someone?  

Who should answer these questions next?  

*Images found via Google.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

My Big Fat Beauty Wishlist.


Bobbi Brown Fashion Week Exclusive 
Bobbi Brown Modern Classics Kit
MAC lipstick in Candy Yum Yum
NARS Shimmer Eyeshadow in Babygirl
NARS Duo Eyeshadow in 413 Bleeker & Tokyo
NARS Adult Content Blush Palette
NARS At First Sight
Chanel Le Blanc De Chanel - Illuminating Base
DIORskin Nude
Dior Creme de Rose
Real Techniques Setting Brush
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
Sleek Blush in Pixie Pink
Sleek Blush 3 in Pink Lemonade

I didn't realise that everything I wanted was Pink, oops. Other than Real Techniques, I haven't tried any of these brands. I don't think I can stress enough just how much I want them in my life, infact.. it's a NEED. The beauty blogger chat on Twitter makes my wishlist increasingly larger every week, not to mention the hole it dents in my bank account. 

What are you loving at the moment? Anything I need to add? 


Thursday, February 06, 2014

OOTD - Pop Of Red Fluff.

ASOS Gilet | ZARA High Neck Top | ASOS Uber High Jeggings | BERSHKA Boots 

I seem to have ventured into wearing all black, a lot. So I thought i'd cheer the outfit up with a pop of colour and texture. I featured this gilet in my recent haul (here), and at only £20 I thought it was a bargain that had to be snapped up. You may of also recognised the boots from my haul post (here), I AM IN LOVE with these. Comfy and beautiful, what more could you want from a pair of shoes. 

I'm the least photogenic person, EVER. I apologise for the bad quality, with Mother as my photographer, these aren't the best photos. Honestly, we took about 30 and these were the only decent(ish) ones.  I have absolutely no idea why the light hit one photo but not the other. Oh, and the weather has absolutely battered where I live, hence the shabby background.

How are you dressing for this hurrendous weather?

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

January Shoe Haul.


TOPSHOP - AEON Neoprene Chelsea Boots
After a serious amount of ruminating, I finally decided to buy these, and at £30.. what a bargain. After getting them, I did have to take to Twitter to ask YAY or NAY. I've never been a fan of patent and I was worried these were a bit too 'fetish', but everyone said YAY so they are now favourites amongst my boooties. I like the fact you can roll the them down, it definitely makes them more versatile.

TOPSHOP - Croc High Vamp Skaters
Heaven for the feet, seriously, these are so comfy and I LOVE the croc detail.  

BERSHKA Heeled Chelsea Boots
After seeing these on Instagram, I had to buy them, and they were in the sale. WIN! I love them, simple.

Have you picked up any shoe bargains recently?

Monday, February 03, 2014

January Clothing Haul.

New Look Textured Box Top
F&F Textured Box Top
ASOS Long Sleeved Roll Neck Crop | ASOS Roll Neck Crop

 ZARA Crop Jumper
ZARA Roll Neck Jumper
F&F Fluffy Jumper
ZARA Roll Neck Jumper

ASOS Twill Playsuit

ZARA Floral Trousers
ASOS Uber High Jeggings
ZARA Pink Skinny Jeans
ZARA Ripped Skinny Jeans
ZARA White Skinny Jeans
ZARA Black Jacquard Jeans
ZARA Vintage Bootcut Jeans

 ASOS Contrast Boyfriend Coat
ASOS Fluffy Gilet
New Look Leather Jacket

 Warehouse Paisley Bikini
ASOS Vintage Pink Watch

Okay, yes.. that was a haul, but it was sale season so I HAD to. Right? Within this haul are my first ever pink items, I've always thought no, but it actually suits me so it's time to be a bit more girly. I'm absolutely in love with everything I've bought, well that's not strictly true.. I've returned a whole bunch of other stuff, oops. I know the pictures don't do them any justice but hopefully when I start doing outfit shots you will see them in a better light. It's so difficult to take photos with my phone; I probably should of spent my money on a camera, doh. 

What did you pick up in the January sales?
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