Tuesday, April 29, 2014

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Review.

MAC foundation, NW15, MAC review,
Now, I'm well aware that the majority of beauty bloggers love MAC Studio Fix Fluid and you've probably all seen a review on this before, but I couldn't help but share my thoughts. Sometimes a hyped product can easily let you down..

Let me start by saying that MAC foundations confuse me, why can we not just have a simple; porcelain, beige, etc.. instead of all this NC/NW. Anyway, using the online calculator, I was advised that I was NW15 for the MAC Studio Fix Fluid. I'm a little annoyed at myself for not going with my gut instinct, I knew if anything that I'd be the palest shade, as I am with any foundation I try. This may of been a better review had it actually matched my skin tone like I was advised it would. Meh.
First impressions were literally 'Mum, how they hell do you get foundation out of a glass bottle?'. If I'm honest, I did zero research before ordering this, so I had absolutely no idea it was glass. Which is why I didn't know to order a pump, cue dilemma number 1. So, the packaging sucks, like you pay enough for the foundation, stick a pump in it or switch to plastic.

I'll point out the plus points first; if you've read any previous foundation reviews on my blog then you'll know I love SPF, I think it's so important to have in your foundation to protect you from the pesky sun rays. Oil free is another huge bonus; this foundation does do an excellent job at keeping the oil away and I've had absolutely no problems with shine either.

Once applied to the face, I could see how yellow the foundation was. It didn't match my skin at all, I felt like I'd travelled back to being a misinformed teenager with an orange face. No matter how much I blend, it just won't settle amongst my skin tone.  I've tried mixing it with lighter shades but it's still brings out that yellow tinge. Over time, it seems to oxidise and become slightly more orange as well.

My skin type has changed drastically over the last few months because I'm on medication for Acne. I've gone from breakout/oil to seriously dry. I'm well aware that matte foundations aren't great for dry skin, but my trusty matte foundation from Seventeen hasn't let me down so I thought this would be fine. I couldn't of been more wrong. Despite using primers, and moisturisers, I find this foundation clings to every single dry patch and tends to look scaly. I don't want to compeltely rule this out as I do think this would probably work on my skin had it not been so dry, the coverage is excellent on the smooth areas. However, It's not the easiest foundation to blend, so I do find it can be cakey around the jawline. Maybe, I just haven't found the best brush for it yet.

At £21.50, I can't justify the value for money, but if you're looking for a good coverage foundation then this will probably treat you well. Although, I will say stay away if you have dry skin. You can pick it up here

I feel like this is a really mixed review so I'll probably try it out again once my skin has calmed down and give you an update. Have you used Studio Fix Fluid before? What do you think of MAC foundation?

The hunt for my 'Holy Grail' foundation continues...


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hot Heels At New Look.

After years of prancing around the house in your Mumma's heels as a young girl, you dream for the day when you're a 'big girl' and you can finally wear heels. These are the kind of heels you wish for..
Pastel Heels, Pastel Shoes, Shoes For Summer, Cheap Shoes 
I've never seen a more perfect selection of heels as I have on the New Look current collection, and the majority of them are under £30 each. I mean, hello BARRY BARGAIN. If I had all the money, I'd be buying every single pair of these and parading them proudly through the streets. Okay, that might be a little extreme considering I live in Cornwall, and fashion isn't exactly high on it's plus points but seriously, these are gorgeous. Pastel's are highly loved throughout spring/summer, and an easy way to add a pop of colour to a simple outfit. Go on, go get them.

*image sourced from New Look Fashion Instagram

Well played, New Look.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

2014 Blogger Challenge #8.

Apologies for this being late, it's been a bit manic the past couple of weeks. This topic is a Spring outfit, now whilst I loooove OOTD posts, the weather hasn't played ball with me so I've decided to go for something different.

Millie Mackintosh is one of my favourite style go to's, she looks incredible in almost anything everything. You can imagine my pain when she took a 5 month break from her style diary but thankfully she's back in time with some amazing looks for Spring/Summer. I've compiled my favourites below; all wearable for the not so famous folk, and you can find the majority of the items on the high street, YAY. Let me know what you think of the looks!

Millie Mackintosh, Celeb Looks, Get The Look, Highstreet Fashion
Get Millies Look, Highstreet Fashion, Millie Mackintosh Style Diary

*Pictures sourced from Millie Mackintosh website.

Feel free to leave your links below if you're taking part in the challenge. You can find the rest of my posts here.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Day Trippin' - Lands End.

I've lived in Cornwall from the grand age of 2 and never really appreciated just how beautiful it is. Thankfully the sun has made an appearance so it's blooomin lovely, and busting with tourists at the mo, my cousin being one of them! We took the opportunity to take her to Land's End. I've been multiple times but I've never actually visited the attractions, I've just kinda walked around moody because it's oh so boring to a teen. Obviously, I'm a much more mature adult now I'm in my 20's.

Hate to bore you with a Geography lesson but Land's End is the most South Westerly point in the UK, visited my millions of people every year and the start/end of the Land's End to John O Groats challenge. 

So, I went to see my first ever 4D film; absolute craziness but super fun! Bubbles galore, crazy leg tickling things and water being spurted at you. I'm easily amazed, and yes, I did try and move out the way of a shark. DOH. Also watched  a rescue mission, you're taken into a kind of simulator that shows you how rough it is in a lifeboat etc. Weird, and so noisy. Then, we did King Arthur's quest; you have to find your way through mirror mazes, walk across a burning bridge and slay a dragon. It sounds dramatic but it wasn't all that great, I guess something's you do have to be a child for, ha.

Cue a hot cup of tea as it was sooo windy.

Unfortunately I didn't take any photos up until this point, but my next adventure was to the farm. Here they have piglets, lambs, goats and a huge amount of chickens/birds. Just freely walking around, like I was petrified. Getting my finger sucked by the baby animals was so weird, but incredibly cute. I was SO ready to take them home. We then made our way around the coastal path and back to the main part for a much needed pasty and a Mr Whippy. YUM. 

Lands End, Cornwall, Travel, Beautiful Places

Cornwall, Lands End, Places To Go, TravelLands End, Longships Lighthouse, Cornwall

Patriotic, Lands End,

Have you ever been to Land's End?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Being 'Perfect'.

It's no secret that we are all surrounded by 'impossible to atain' standards of perfection. I cannot comment on what boys go through as they get older, because well I'm not equipped for that kind of knowledge. But, I can comment on girls. Growing up is one of the hardest things for a teenage girl, we undergo so many changes within our bodies. No one person is the same, and we seem to have it programmed into our genetics that we must compete. At some point in our lives we'll feel inadequate to somebody else, whether it's about beauty, intelligence or lifestyle. 

The Media coverage of celebrities is one of the main factors which sculpt a young mind to have an abnormal belief of the 'perfect' body. Without this coverage then there wouldn't be this disillusion. Magazines piss me off; they use phrases like 'gorgeous size 6' and 'shocking size 16'. Or they even go to the lengths of shaming celebrities if they gain weight. You may remember the NOW magazine cover (below) back in December that caused outrage over social media; body shaming celebrities to make us feel normal. What the heck is normal?! Celebrities put themselves out there but they don't deserve to be shamed by magazines. Is it okay for somebody to walk down the street and call you fat? No. We all have feelings. That ridicule is actively encouraged by these magazines. Don't forget they also shame people for losing too much weight, focus on the low amount of calories they eat but then suggest fad diets with the same amount of calories. Confusing, even to my head and I'm well past the impressionable stage. They are just bullies.
 How to get a perfect body, body shaming, being perfect, edited celebrities
Everywhere we look; magazines, social media, on line reports, billboards, TV adverts, they all use & focus on 'beautiful' women. Of course, that is an excellent way to gain readers, sell products etc, but is it fair?

Young girls are highly impressionable and they will want to look and be like their favourite stars. Jennifer Lawrence has been excellent at using her fame to be a voice to girls. She quite clearly states that she would never lose weight for Hollywood, she is who she is. This is commendable because a voice like that is hard to come across, especially amongst the stars.

Body Dysmorphia is a chronic mental illness that affects hundreds of thousands people every year. This is where a person has thoughts about their appearance to the point where it severely affects their day to day life. The rise of anorexia/bulimia is shocking, and the amount of sites across the Internet that are 'ProAna' is disturbing. 

I just hope one day that the media/fashion industry will be honest, and show the real truth before it gets out of hand. They need to stop posting articles blaming the 'thin' celebrities/models and realise that they are the one's promoting these issues. What these girls need to learn is that different body shapes have different variations of being healthy. Healthy should be promoted, not being thin

I'm not trying to shame with this video, I believe they are all beautiful but it's shocking to see the extent editing goes to. If I'd of been shown this when I was young, then I wouldn't have so many insecurities now.

If it wasn't for pictures of airbrushed celebrities, who would girls be looking up to for inspiration? Real Women.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Review - Argan Dew Hair Products.

Argan Dew Review, Argan Oil, Moroccon Oil

Argan oil has become a much needed item amongst our haircare routines so when I saw the chance to review some samples from Argan Dew, I jumped.

Argan Oil is extracted from the Argan nut which originates in Morocco, being one of the world's richest natural oils it's obvious why it's becoming a must have product. Argan Dew use Argan Oil as the main ingredient in all of their products, they are all 100% natural as well which means they're going to be kind to our hair. The oil is easily absorbed into the hair, leaving our hair silky, moisturised and protected from any dehydration. Essentially helping us from those dreaded dry and split ends, we all have those right?!

The product samples I received were the Miraculous Argan Oil & Replenishing Hair Mask. I've been using these products for a month and I must confess that I love them!

Argan Oil, Haircare, How To Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair, Hair Mask, Moroccon Oil, ReviewReplenishing Hair Mask

Argan Dew say that "Argan Dew Replenishing Hair Mask uses only the purest oils from the Moroccan Argan tree to restore and boost the health of your hair. Not only does is revitalise all hair types but it also protects from future damage by forming a protective layer to keep it moisturised and safe from the stress caused by daily styling and natural elements"

My hair is curly/frizzy and to be honest, no matter what I've tried in the past has helped to tame this beast. It's often tangly and hard to brush once I'm out the shower, leaving me covered in bits of hair and moody, cry. Anyway, this product was really simple to use; I just rubbed into the ends of my wet hair and left it for five minutes as directed on the packaging. I did use my fingers to rub the product thoroughly through my hair to try and achieve a softer look. I was really surprised at how soft my hair was once I'd rinsed the product out, and I wasn't suffering with any tangles. This product works really well and giving your hair a much needed moisture boost. I've been using this once a week, and I've found it's working really well at taming my frizz, also protecting it from any future damage.

Miraculous Argan Oil

Argan Dew say that "Argan Dew Oil contains essential nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that work all day long to fortify the hair-improving strength, preventing frizz and creating healthy shine that lasts" 

I absolutely love hair oils so I was really excited to try this. Alot of oils that I've used before have been ridiculously runny, so I was impressed when I found this had a gel texture. I've been using this every time I wash my hair, so roughly about twice a week. I apply the product to damp hair, using my fingers to spread it though the lower 2/3rds of my hair. I try to stay away from the roots as oils can make the hair appear greasy. I also apply to dry hair if I feel my hair needs smoothing after I've styled it. I can definitely see a difference, my hair is less frizzy and so much easier to brush, which means it isn't falling out everywhere either. YAY!

I love the texture and smell of both of these products, they remind me of figs but I imagine it's just the smell of the nut, it's gorgeous. Together, they've worked wonders on my hair; reducing frizz and giving it a natural shine. The hair mask retails at $44, and the Miraculous Argain Oil retails at $39. Both of these are excellent value for price. You can always justify spending a little more on products that do the job well, and last long. The products themselves stretch a long way, I found the sample sizes were sufficient enough to cover my hair. Huge thumbs up from me.

Argan Dew products are not tested on animals and are free from Parabens/SLS. If you want to check out their other items, you can find them on the Argan Dew website here. Please note, they are located in Israel so delivery times may be longer.

What are your favourite hair products? Have you used Argan Oil?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Perfect Dress For A S/S Wedding.

I've been dreaming of beautiful Spring/Summer dresses for ages, and I do have a wedding to go to so needless to say when the lovely people at Joe Brown's kindly asked me to review one of their items, I jumped at the chance. It took me a good few hours to finally decide on what I wanted to review, but I choose this gorgeous vintage dress...

What to wear for a summer wedding, vintage dress, joe browns review

The anticipation of ordering anything of on line gets to me, I can barely contain myself. I'd probably sit at the door and just wait if I could. I was so excited when this arrived; I held it upon myself and instantly fell in love. The pattern is absolutely beautiful, I will confess that I was a little worried it would be a little 'old' for me but I love it!

The style of the dress is what drew me to choosing this one, I love fitted waists and bottoms that flare out; the pleated design at the waist is so gorgeous. It's kind of a 1950's style, fit and flare dress. I'm so impressed with the quality; it's unlined, which is perfect throughout the hotter months and the cotton material is really gentle on the skin. It's also sturdy, which will ensure the skirt of the dress will keep it's shape.

 I received this dress in a size 8, I'm actually a 6, so I will say it's very true to size. It's slightly big around the shoulders but I'm glad I got this in an 8; it's not too tight around the waist, which gives me plenty of room to allow for 'food babies'. 

 Couple of motion shots; I love the poofyness of the skirt when you spin round.

Joe Browns say this dress is; "Simple yet elegant, the stretch fabric creates a lovely fitted look and the all over print makes it perfect for summer evening drinks."  I have to agree with this statement, this dress has a huge thumbs up from me. You can purchase direct from their website here, for £49.95. 

Have you ever purchased anything from Joe Browns?

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Rise Of The Supermarket. #2

How guilty are we of just pushing the trolley around and not really having a look at what the supermarkets offer? When it comes to fashion, the supermarkets are pushing their way to the top. Style doesn't always have to be about spending ridiculous amounts of money and let's face it, we haven't all got the money to go spending £££ in Topshop/Zara every week! So I've decided to do a little series about the individual UK supermarkets. Check out my first post here.


I rarely get the chance to pop along to Asda but whenever I do, the clothes are always the first thing I look at. Since 2011 Asda teamed up with fashion grads to create collections for G21. Possibly the best thing to ever happen for our homegrown talent! Rumour has it that the manufacturers for the clothing are also the same manufacturers for Topshop. I have no idea if this is true, but it does sound good! Pssst; Underwear at George is always amaaaaazing.

Here are a few things that I'm loving at the moment, The majority of which is from the G21 collection;

The Rise Of The Supermarket - Asda

I don't really dig kitten heels AT ALL, but I love the style of these and the colours are gorgeous. That floral print dress is perfect for a summer wedding. Every item is under £20, can we really go wrong?

What do you think of my picks?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Giveaway - Vera Wang Be Jewelled EDP.

Vera Wang Be Jeweled EDP Spray 30ml 
I've decided to run a small giveaway with Harvey Nichols to thank my readers and followers for all their love throughout the past few months. 

Up for grabs is the Vera Wang Be Jewelled EDP. How cute is the bottle!? I am such a sucker for a cute design, I love the gems! The Top notes of this perfume feature pomegranate, redcurrant and champagne which are closely followed by heart notes of passion fruit and peony, all of which are impeccably rounded off with base notes of pink sugar crystals, musk and woods. Sounds gorgeous, right? 

All you have to do is fill in the Rafflecopter entries below. The giveaway will run for 2 weeks, and the winner will be contacted via email, or twitter.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Whilst you're here, check out the amazing range of fragrances over at Harvey Nichols here. They've just launched a new website!

 Good luck.


Saturday, April 05, 2014

2014 Blogger Challenge #7.

I'm not going to do the whole 'I can't believe it's this week already' but this is the 7th topic for the 2014 Blogger Challenge.  This topic is a photography theme about showing a week or day in photos.. So here are some of my favourite photos of recent;

Porthleven, Cornwall, Clock Tower, Architecture

Pothleven, Cornwall, Clock Tower, Beach, Sea, Archtitecture
Porthleven, Cornwall.

Daffoldils, Spring, Flowers
Daffodils; the perfect flower for signalling the arrival of Spring.

Springer Spaniel, Boxer Dog, Dog Love
My beautiful dogs; Matilda (Boxer) & Merlot (Springer)

MAC, Lipstick, Candy Yum Yum,
My new favourite lippy; MAC Candy Yum Yum.

Slumming it selfie; Camo Trousers - Zara, Cami - Topshop.

One of the many presents my mumma received for Mother's Day.

Hope you enjoyed my photos, the quality isn't great as I'm still surviving making do with my phone camera, one day I'll buy a proper one but I can never decide. Hit me up with some suggestions! (:

Feel free to leave your links below if you're taking part in the challenge. You can find the rest of my posts here.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

April Wishlist.

Ah. I don't know when I'll come to a point in life where I have enough make up products (probably never) but I'm a sucker for pastels, cute fragrance bottles and everything pink so I'm forever wishing my money away. Verging on being miserable as well because I know I won't be able to buy the majority of these; unless some little fairy wants to spread some magic dust over my bank account, please? 

Origins Zero Oil Pore Purifying Toner
Opi Varnish In 'In The Spotlight' & 'It's A Girl'
MAC Skinfinish
Lacome 5 Shadow Palette
Marc Jacobs Daisy 'Delight'
Aerin Brush Essentials
Ted Baker Make Up Bag
GHD Periwinkle Styler 
Bourjois Duo-Cream Blush Sweet Cherry & Lip Boost Peach On The Beach
NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil In Paimpol
NARS Satin Lip Pencil In Villa Lante
Have you tried any of these products before?

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Hello April.

AprilHello April you sexy little month. I don't know where that came from, but it seemed appropriate. Whilst the majority of social media is shouting 'I can't believe how quickly March went', I'm sat here thinking how much it dragged. It must be something to do with the sheer lack of chocolate since Lent began.  Just under 3 weeks to go.. caaaamon.

As I stated last month, I wanted to do a post every month to say what I'm looking forward to. It helps keep a positive state of mind instead of focusing on all the wrong things. So this month...

I'm hoping to hear back from the housing association to see if I've been accepted to move into my first proper house (well, bungalow). I'll be mega disappointed if I don't get this; I think it would be a HUGE step for kicking my inner confidence and diminishing my agoraphobia. Also, it means shopping.

I'll be seeing my sister and nieces at some point in the month, always my favourite thing to do. Thee best people on this earth.

I'm going to try and blog some more, I've been a bit MIA these past few months.

Easter Sunday, lots of chocolate, eat eat eat.

My friend is home from uni so having a girly catch up is SO needed & overdue.

I'm sure a few hauls will be chucked in aswell, obviously that happens every month though. sorrynotsorry.

Also hoping for some sunshine to come my way, I miss that bright yellow thing.

 What are you looking forward to?
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