Friday, July 11, 2014

Fashion | City Chic

City Chic

Sunglasses - MODCLOTH
Outfit - ZARA

You can often find me daydreaming about what I'd wear if I lived/worked in the city. These poplin trousers and slip ons create a very masculine look, but you could switch it up by adding heels instead. The pink clutch gives a perfect chic twist to the outfit, add the sunglasses and you're killing it.

What would you wear?

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Beauty | YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick 29 Review.

You can imagine my delight when I received not one YSL Rouge Volupté Lipstick, but two for my birthday. I've wanted one since I first ever set my eyes on them and now they're finally in my hands. Today I'm reviewing shade 29 - Opera Rose, you'll have to excuse the photos; I was too excited to not try these out and forgot to take blog photos beforehand. Naughty, I know, but forgive me.

The gold packaging is undeniably beautiful and definitely has the wow factor that sets these lipsticks apart from all the others. I love the see through trough area, it really allows the YSL logo to stand out and look classy.

The shade is a medium pink with a neutral, warm undertone. It's the perfect pink to take you through the summery months. The Rouge Volupt√© lipsticks all have a creamy texture, which allow them to be lightweight;  the durability isn't great; you can expect to wear this for 2-3 hours but then you will need to reapply. However, it's quite hard wearing, I've managed to drink, and eat without it having any affect. Despite the creamy texture, the pigmentation is great and the colour easily spreads across the lips. I haven't had any troubles with bleeding, which I guess you'd expect from a higher quality lipstick. I also love the fact it's a little creamy, it doesn't dry out my lips and gives them a little extra shine. 

Okay, the price is £25. Perhaps a little extreme to pay for a lipstick, but if you feel like treating yourself then I'd say they're definitely worth it. Cost per use is totally justifiable as well, I haven't stopped wearing this. You can pick them up here.

I love the pop of colour I get from this lipstick, do you have any YSL favourites?


Monday, July 07, 2014

Girl's ITS OKAY.

If your career plan just isn't happening, careers should be about providing and funding your life, not being the sole reason for your existance. No one ever looks back and thinks about work, have some fun. It's okay if you want to spend the afternoon in the beer garden.

If you don't buy that £25 concealer, that Collection 2000 one for £4.19 does just as good a job and lasts all day. 

If you started the week with a PMA and you've hit rock bottom by Tuesday. Things happen, life happens and everything changes. Time will change things, so try not to worry.

If you choose sleep over going to the club. You're not a social reject; Sleep is good, and your skin will thank you for it later.

If you read fifty shades and didn't think it was that rude.

If you leave all the chores your house so deseperately needs, and go for a bath instead. A bath is the perfect remedy for those days where you just feel shoddy.

If you filter the hell out of your Instagram photos. Celebs do it, so can we. 

If you spruce up your life a little on social media, no ones online life is real.

If you're single in your twenties, there are so many cooler things to be doing. Have fun, go travelling and make incredible memories.

If you're no longer friends with those girls you made pinkies with in secondary school, people change.

If you stood infront of the mirror and tried to nail Twerking, but failed. We're not all Miley.

If you're on your 15th diet, and just ate Mcdonald's.

If you watch countless romantic movies, swoon over how great it would be to have your own Noah and then hate all men. Movies make men charming, life doesn't.

If you've never bought anything from Topshop, your wallet is greatful.

If you sit in your granny pants all night and eat Ben & Jerry's, sometimes we need comfort.

If you sit and cry, about absolutely nothing. WE ALL DO IT.


Thursday, July 03, 2014

Skincare | Edition Edelweiss Review.

Skincare is something that I've become really fond of recently; gone are the face wipes and now I'm branching out to try a whole different load of products. Perhaps it's because I've hit 22 and realised the impending doom that lays ahead for my skin, it's time to look after it.

Siin are a Skincare company based in Austria. With the launch of their new collection 'Edition Edelweiss'  they asked bloggers to review their products, and I was thrilled when they chose me.

So, a little background behind  'Edition Edelweiss'; the breathtakingly beautiful Austrian Alps are home for the Edelweiss plant.  Used for many centuries as a healing remedy, Siin have rediscovered and used this plant extract throughout their new collection. The  active agents within the Edelweiss  extract have powerful antibacterial, antiseptic and antioxidant effects. In turn, stimulating the blood circulation and tightening the skin. All of this working together to reduce Rosacea and  wrinkles - perfect!

Siin ensure that all their products have a deep working effect by using the 'Liposome system'; the encased active ingredients in the liposomes are absorbed by the skin and penetrated deeply into the layers of the skin.  The liposome membranes then dissolve and the active ingredients are distributed, allowing them to take full effect and rejuvenate the skin from within.

The products within the Edelweiss range are:

Milky Cleansing - deep pure cleansing and nutrient rich regeneration.
Spring Tonic - for a fresh complexion and a sustainable, refined skin.
Intense Serum  (25+,35+,50+) - fighting against fine lines.,wrinkles and lines of all kinds. Perfectly suited to your individual age needs.
Eye Cream - correcting to fight against wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.
24h Essence Cream - for an intensely moisturised, silly and beautiful complexion. Day & night.
All of these products are suitable for any skin type.

I was kindly sent  Milky Cleansing and the 24h Essence Cream to review.

Milky Cleansing

The combination of active ingredients ensure skin friendly, deep cleansing  of the face, neck and cleavage - allowing stressed skin to relax and breathe.  This product contains a number of natural ingredients; Edelweiss extract,  Rose Oil, Goji Berry and Ginseng root extract.

The cleanser is a clear liquid with a gel like consistency. You only need a small amount as the product foams up and goes very far. It's simple to use, just apply to wet palms to create foam, then apply to the face. I always leave the product on my face for a few minutes, just to allow it to really penetrate into the skin and then wash off with cold water.

I do believe this is an excellently cleanser, it really helps to make my skin feel refreshed, awake and gives it a deep clean.  I tend to use this at night so that my skin is clean for a number of hours and has the chance to rejuvenate. The only negative I have to say is the product is fragranced, which I'm led to believe is down to the Rose Oil. I tend to stay away from fragranced products  as I can  find them quite irritating, although I didn't have any irritation, I wasn't a fan of the smell!

24H Essence Cream

Intensely moisturising day and night cream helps to neutralise free radicals, protect your skin and ensures a sillky smooth complexion. This product also contains a number of natural ingredients: Edelweiss extract, Aloe Vera and Olive Leaf extract, Wheat Germ extract and Jojoba Oil.

The product is white and has a creamy consistency. I apply this after using the cleanser, again only at night. First instincts of this weren't great, it stung as I put it on and I was worried it was irritating my skin and I'd resemble a tomato in any minute! Thankfully, I didn't have an irritation and the sting actually happens every time I use the product. This isn't overpowering and now it gives me the sense that the product is actually doing it's job. I imagine the sting comes from the antiseptic element of the Aloe Vera extract.

I've grown to love this product, more so each day. Immediately after using it. I can feel the effects working away; my skin feels tighter and almost instantly radiant, with a smooth complexion. This has even given me the confidence to bare my face without foundation, bonus!

Overall, I love these products and I believe they'd work well within anyone's Skincare routine, especially if you're looking for anti ageing products. They're well worth the price tag and I know Edelweiss is here to stay in my routine. You can find a whole range of products here. You can purchase a starter pack for £39.90 which includes both of these products, an excellent way of introducing yourself to the product, and for a bargain price!

Have you tried any products containing Edelweiss?

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