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Babywearing With The Wuti Wrap™

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During my pregnancy, I used to see my friend babywearing with all these beautiful wraps, and wondering how on earth she managed to tie it all together to carry her baby. It was all a little alien to me, and if I'm honest, it scared me a little. I'm all cack handed and thought there was noway I'd be able to wrap my delicate new baby without getting caught in the wrap, or, potentially dropping him. Thank goodness the latter has never happened, and it's actually far easier than I thought...

I'm rather glad we can't remember but I can imagine entering the world is quite a feat for a baby after being all snug inside Mum for 9 months. It's completely understandable that they love being close to their parents so using a wrap helps to recreate the feeling of being in the womb. Keeping them enveloped in warmth and comfort, whilst being safely supported helps to keep baby calm and content.

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The Wuti Wrap™ is one long piece of stretchy, breathable fabric and is designed to carry babies from newborn to nine months plus (safely tested for babies weighing 8-35lbs). One size fits all, and the wraps adapts perfectly to your ever growing baby. The wrap also comes in a mesh pouch which allows it to be stored and carried around easily. Accompanying the wrap, is a step by step babywearing guide which contains illustrated instructions on how to use the wrap.

As with most things, my anxiety about using a wrap was completely absurd. It took a few attempts to get right, but after reading the enclosed guide, and watching the Youtube video, I was confident enough that I could use the wrap safely, and have been able to ever since. The coloured edging also helps to ensure you're wearing baby in the correct position. I always thought having the extra weight would be testing on your back, but due to the way the fabric crosses over and wraps around your body, it's actually quite supportive and comfortable.

I absolutely love babywearing. Rather than pushing a pram around, it's so much easier to just wrap him up, especially when we're out walking our dog! It gets quite busy here during the summer so it's been especially handy for us on our days out, the breathable fabric allows us to carry for the majority of the day without either of us getting hot and bothered. The Wuti Wrap™  also seems to be some kind of magical sleep tool, within five minutes of him being carried, he's asleep. 

As well as the benefits for baby, they're also super handy for parents on those days where baby is feeling a little clingy. Keeping our hands free means we can get on with that dreaded housework that somehow manages to pile up without you even knowing, or, continue to ignore that housework and enjoy a HOT cup of tea.

I'll definitely be recommending the Wuti Wrap™ to fellow first time Mums, and our local sling library. It's available at We Made Me, or Amazon, retails at £49.99 and comes in three colours; Midnight Black, Lavender & Pebble.

*this  product was sent to me for review, please read my disclaimer for more information.



  1. I've always been a bit wary of wraps too and always gone for more carriers. This looks fantastic though and not at all scary X

    1. It's not scary at all, once you get it right, it's so supportive! x

  2. Replies
    1. Haha, don't. I can't afford all those beautiful designs!x

    2. I have lots for you to use ;) xxx

    3. I have lots for you to use ;) xxx


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