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Should All Presents Come From Father Christmas?

how many presents should i give my children from father christmas?

When I was kid, everything in our stocking was from Father Christmas and all the presents under the tree were from family. When I went back to school in January, I can remember some children would excitedly shout that Father Christmas bought them a new bike, or the latest new craze. One thing I'll never forget is the feeling of wondering why Father Christmas didn't bring me something as expensive as a bike, especially when I'd been good! Even more harrowing was the face of the children who's families didn't have a lot of money so subsequently they had very little from the big man. I know at the moment B is still small so I don't have to worry about any of this happening just yet. But, it did get me thinking; should all presents come from Father Christmas?  

I'm really torn as to what's best for us as I love the magic of Father Christmas but  how do you even go about explaining why one child got an iPad and another got a book. Surely, Father Christmas should treat all 'good' children the same. So, I decided to ask other parent bloggers what they do with their presents, are they all from Father Christmas or just a couple? Here are some of the responses I received..

"This year I'm going to do some small presents from the big man but the main ones will always be from us. I seem to remember this was the same when I was young."

"My parents always said that Father Christmas brought all of the presents, but that they had 'ordered' them from him, so it was always clear that they had given us the presents and he was just a kind of delivery service!! We will do the same with Baby Lighty."
"In our home, Santa fills the stocking, but all the gifts are from the people who bought them. I have known in the past for children to be bullied because Santa didn't bring them a bike or some other big main present the family couldn't afford, so we've made sure our wee one knows that the gifts are from Daddy and Mummy, friends, and family members, in order to alleviate some of the pressure on other parents.Not everyone will do it, but at least we've done what we can! Besides, we don't say the fairies brought their birthday presents... they know their gifts are from people in their lives.I also think that I helps to have children appreciate that gifts are from us, in order to teach them to be thankful to those around them."
"We don't really label any presents to our little ones (we use different wrapping paper to know who's is who's). Usually though stockings are from Father Christmas
and 'big' presents are from us and relatives."

"I've always gone with the idea that Mummy and Daddy's buy/pay for the presents and Santa delivers also means that you can easily explain why Santa got a child from a different family a bigger/more expensive gift."

"Father Christmas fills Christmas stockings. That is his job. The gifts are small, cheap, and made by elves. They appear by magic in a stocking left hanging on the end of your bed. Wrapped gifts under the tree are clearly labelled from family and friends. Father Christmas continues to bring gifts all the time you continue to live at home, and still believe in him. Teen still looks forward to his visits!"

"Father Christmas and every family member has one present under the tree from the man in red too. Everything else is from each other."

"Everything comes from Father Christmas here. The faces on Christmas morning when all these gifts magically appear from him are lovely. They will be grown up and know the truth soon enough."

As you can see, every family does their own thing and that's absolutely OK. I love that Naomi's (Tattooed Mummy) teen still looks forward to Father Christmas and what Emma says is so true, they do grow up so quickly! Naomi (Me Becoming Mum) has a very good point that we don't say birthday presents come from anyone other than the people that bought them so why should Christmas be so different? I love that she's teaching her kids to be thankful!

Personally, I believe that children should understand that family work hard to pay for presents and they are not just given by Father Christmas. Regardless of price, I don't want B to grow up thinking he can just have anything because Father Christmas will bring it. I want him to respect that hard work has gone into buying his gifts, and we do this out of love, not just because he wants something.  After talking to the other bloggers I love the idea of 'sending money to Father Christmas, who then delivers the presents for you'. Although, I don't know how I'd be able to hide presents until Christmas Day, especially when I love to wrap early and see them all under the tree. I'd love to know what your thoughts are on presents from Father Christmas?



  1. Such an interesting post! I totally agree that it can be upsetting for children who don't get as much from Father Christmas. In films you only ever see him deliver 1 present or the stocking, so I think that's how it should be xx

  2. What an interesting post topic... Hearing the opinion of others and how they broach the what presents Santa brings is quite eye opening. In our household Santa brings the stocking, and all the presents are from family and friends etc. It took us a while to come to that decision though as that's how we had it when younger, however when younger my partner's family said all presents were from Santa. After much discussion, we decided that the stocking was the way to go. One of those deciding factors, as Emily mentioned, is that is what Santa usually brings in films.

  3. We will be doing some small presents from Santa but most of the present/ the main big one will come from us parents. Obviously other family members may buy gifts toom. I know there are people out there that are less fortunate out there so that is why we are doing only a few small presents from santa.

    Sarah's Abode -xx

  4. This is a tough one. For us all presents bought by us are from Santa and anything anyone else buys is from them so that they can thank them. This is the way it was done when I was little and same for my husband. Also, kids are encouraged to write a wish list to Santa but obviously none of that is going to fit in a stocking so kind of makes sending the list to him a bit pointless if he's not actually going to get them anything from it. I do understand the other side of the argument though and don't really know which is best, you just have to choose what you feel is right for your family. Thankfully my son is 7 and the school yard comparisons have never been a problem so far. #SharingtheBlogLove

  5. We always had a our stocking presents from Father Christmas but our main presents were from my parents. The stocking was always just little things, but didn't take away the magic at all, and we always knew that Mum and Dad had bought our main presents, so we didn't get carried away asking for ridiculous things! (I'd like to think anyway - my parents might say differently!) Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  6. Here it's always been Father Christmas delivering stocking gifts, and everything else is from family and friends. To me, I don't know why you'd ever want to tell your kids that FC brings everything but each to their own. I'd never heard of it being done that way until I had N. When we were kids, the stocking excitement was the best thing. On our estate, all the mums must have had the same Studio catalogue because each year, all the kids seemed to get the same stocking gifts. It made it more realistic that Santa would give all kids of the same age, the same sort of gifts. #sharingthebloglove

  7. We had one present from Father Christmas and some presents from my parents. We knew who our presents came from, so that we could say thank you. I do a similar approach with my girls. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove x


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