Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Space Of My Own..

Office Furniture Wishlist

Once little man came along, we had to turn my walk in wardrobe/office into a nursery - the things you sacrifice for your children eh? All jokes aside, I really miss having my own space to work in. I'm one of those people the scours pinterest and truly appreciates Scandi decor and beautiful office furniture. Can you hear my plea? I really need my own office; sitting on the sofa is just not the same and often leads to me procrastinating and then thinking balls, I haven't achieved anything. Unless adding various items of clothing to your online basket, crying at the total and clicking off without purchasing anything is achieving something? If so, I'd win a medal...

As I mentioned yesterday we're far from our finding our forever home, but I'm hoping we'll move into something bigger soon so I can have my own little space again. I want to up my blogging game next year so it's really important to me that I have a space where I can focus and switch off from everything else. Although, I'm not quite sure how easy that will be once my little dude turns one.

Whether you work from home, or in an office, having comfortable Furniture at Work is so important. I'm a tragic blogger cliche - my office would be white, filled with IKEA, succulents and inspiring quotes. And, not forgetting one of those Eames chairs. That's basically an essential for me. I am in love with this IKEA desk; it's basic but doesn't compromise style - I think the natural look would look lovely against all the white. Ultimately, I just want a clean space with minimal decor and absolutely NO baby toys.  Do you have an office?  What are your essentials?


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  1. Oh God, I'm still finding my feet but I would LOVE a little space of my own. And I adore your ideas for use of the space...I definitely agree with the minimalistic idea and definitely NO BABY TOYS 😂 xx

  2. I'd probably sell my partner for an office space! I love that desk ox


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