Friday, February 03, 2017

The #2PoundChallenge With Zamcog & Voucherbox

Feed your family for £2

Zamcog are a UK based Charity who are dedicated to helping feed and educate Zambia's most at risk children. Zamcog say it costs just £2 to feed and educate a child in Zambia every day. Just £2! In an effort to change the way we think about food, Voucher Box challenged the blogging community to cut down on their food spending and write about their experience. So we got frugal and have taken on the 2 Pound Challenge...

The Challenge

Voucherbox have teamed up with Zamcog and are challenging people to see if they can feed their family on £2 per person for one day. Voucherbox will also donate £50 to Zamcog for every 2 Pound Challenge post published, to help the charity continue their goal of supporting Zambia’s most at-risk children through food and education.

Julie-Anne Uggla, Founder of Zamcog says:

“We’re delighted to work with to raise awareness to one of the integral aspects of Zamcog’s work. At the Shitima School we not only educate children to improve their lives but also provide basic needs such as food and clean water. Any money raised from this campaign will go directly to funding nourishment at the Shitima School.

How Did We Do?  

So, off I went to Tesco and did the best I could with just £6 in my purse (as there are three of us). Here's what I bought, and what we ate..


Banana and Porridge Oats

Scottish Porridge Oats 500g 65p
1 Pint Whole Milk 45p
Banana 13p
Orange Juice 65p


cheese omelette

4 Eggs FREE (Mum has chickens)
Spring Onions 49p
Cherry Tomatoes 53p
Cheese £1.40 


butternut squash soup

Butternut Squash 90p
Garlic 30p
Onion 16p
Ciabatta 25p
TOTAL: £5.91

I have to admit I was sceptical that I'd be able to feed 3 of us for the whole day with just £6. We'd usually have fruit and snacks so whilst we have managed to just about do it and with left overs, it's been a rather bare and boring day.

However, my weekly food shop is usually pretty expensive but knowing I can feed us for such a little amount is going to make a huge difference. I definitely think if you were to meal plan and price things per what you use, rather than what the overall item costs then you'd be able to feed your family for £2 a head a day - especially if you use the rest of the things up over the course of a week. For example, I priced the Spring Onions as 49p, but we actually only used half of the bunch. Time to get savvy!

Why don't you take the challenge? I'd love to know how you get on!


*this is a collaborative post, please read my disclaimer for more information


  1. We're doing this challenge too! It's so much harder than you think! Love the free eggs!!

    1. I'm so thankful for mother buying chickens, the eggs are so much nicer than from the supermarket too!

  2. You did really well I'm impressed! We could definitely do with cutting down our food shop too!

  3. Thats amazing! I love saving money!

    1. Me too, the saved money usually gets spent quicker than it was saved though!

  4. wow! how good is that?! I want to give it a go! x

    1. Ooo do try, and let me know how you get on if you do!

  5. Replies
    1. Definitely helped, we love eggs so would end up spending a fortune otherwise!

  6. Well done you, these are some great choices for the day and will certalnly hold you and the family, plus its look scrumptious.


  7. I've been challenged to do this - I need so much inspo I am crap at this kind of stuff!

  8. Thank you for your post! We will be donating £50 to Zamcog which will feed, educate and clothe an at-risk child in Zambia for 1 month.


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