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Top Tips To Turn Tears Into Smiles

Top Tips To Turn Tears Into Smiles

Spring has finally sprung into action and delivered us some fabulous weather (despite the fact that whilst I write this, it's absolutely tipping it down) which means we've been heading outside more than ever (and ignoring housework). Now little is walking, we've been experiencing more tears than ever as he just loves to climb things and venture into places he shouldn't; his poor little legs are always full of bruises and scratches. BritMums & Elastoplast recently asked me what my best strategies are to sooth and cheer my little one when he suffers with the inevitable bumps and scrapes. So, here for you are my tops tips to turn tears into smiles.

There is nothing better than waking up to see that the sun is shining, and knowing that you don't have to be contained inside the walls of the house. There's certainly nothing worse than being cooped up, especially when pesky hands are raiding all the cupboards and causing chaos. Little has recently celebrated his first birthday so he's got lots of new outdoor toys to play with. Being outside is so important and is now so much more fun for him, we can spend hours out there and usually end the day soaking wet from the water table and covered in sand!

Adventuring with a one year old isn't all fun and games, it can be stressful, especially when you have a little one intent on being the next Robinson Crusoe; everything is a climbing frame and they'll cross anything to get to what they want. Alas, they'll take a tumble and hurt themselves, more than once; they don't even learn the second or third time, but hey, that's kids for you! As we've had our fair share of tears, I've learnt a few things to help get little smiling again..

Don't Panic

This is probably the most important as your reaction can be the difference between little one having an almighty meltdown or brushing themselves off and getting back to playing. When little first hurt himself and drew blood, I panicked. I'll admit, I was a little dramatic as he was completely fine, but I saw straight away that my reaction startled him. Now, I'll take a few seconds to evaluate the situation before reacting, and nine times out of ten, that stops the tears and he's back creating havoc again.

Give A Magic Kiss & Cuddle

I remember magic kisses from when I was little, and it's something I've adopted into my own parenting. I don't think little quite understands the power of the magic kiss just yet but a cuddle is always welcomed, and helps to quickly soothe the tears.


Try and get little ones to focus their attention on something else, a different toy can be a good shout, or putting on Bing! is a favourite in our house (well it keeps him quiet and still for a few minutes). Sometimes just doing something crazy to get their attention can help. Those days that parenting takes it toll, I may be known to just shove a boob his way or reach for snacks, it works and it's easy, guilty!

Funky Plasters

Make sure you always have some funky plasters to hand, our favourites are Elastoplast as they're renowned internationally for their quality. We had to use them for the first time recently when little came to me with a bleeding baby finger. Once I'd put the plaster on, he was fascinated and kept showing everyone his 'ouch'. I guess Star Wars plasters are pretty cool!

Elastoplast Star Wars Plasters

So there you have my top tips for turning tears into smiles.. get outside and enjoy the adventures, falling is part of childhood and you've got this!


This post is an entry for the BritMums #TearsintoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast.


  1. Such a lot of great advice here. I remember being so worried when I was pregnant about how I would stop my baby being upset so this is a great list to reassure people.

  2. Fab tips. The distraction one is the one I use the most. My little one is similar though and just doesn't learn. I've seen him hurt himself and go back to do the same thing minutes later. They have no fear, do they?!

  3. Those plasters are adorable! When my little brother was younger and if he got hurt on the playground and if nothing massive scratch or head trauma happened I usually told him that "nooo, you didn't hurt yourself" then he quite quickly forgot all about it and was on the go again :D This is a good list though!

  4. My daughter loves the frozen plasters - any excuse now though 😂

  5. Magic kisses works brilliantly in our house! 😘

  6. Ahh I've seen a number of these posts! Their plasters are so cute which reminds me I need to pick up a first aid box for the house now.

  7. At our home, we have a bundle of plasters of all kinds and my daughter see's these as a treat, so anytime she has an accident, we surprise her with a plaster, which normally helps calm her down.

  8. Distraction worked on my brood all the time! the amount of times I said "ooooh look at that tree!" was unreal.

  9. Great tips. My children have a severe latex allergy so we can't use any sort of plasters but I know Star Wars fans who'd love those!


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