Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Bathtime Fun With Vital Baby

There's no doubt that bath time is little man's favourite time of day, he's always laughing, splashing and generally just trying to cause mischief amongst the bubbles. We've always encouraged play in the bath, so we were super excited when Vital Baby sent over some of their bath toys for us to try out, needless to say they were a big hit from the offset.

Is anyone else's baby slightly obsessed with ducks? I've probably installed this into him as I've bought a vast amount of bath ducks to act alongside my daily rendition of five little ducks. So, as soon as little saw the Vital Baby Float & Slide, he had the biggest smile; two more ducks, and these come with skis to help them float down the slide, can you get any cooler than that? The slide stays afloat really well, and the ducks slide super fast - it's a must have addition to any bath toy collection!

We were also sent the Vital Baby Swim Rings; six floating swim rings and six colour coordinated sea creatures. I love how versatile these are, you can attach them all together to form a ring, a long line, or just have them all separate. The colours are really vibrant, and there's a good range of sea creatures. These will be fab for learning colours and animals when little is older, for now - they're a huge hit for stacking and chewing on.

Both the ducks, and the sea creatures are also bath squirters, I was really impressed with just how well they squirt, some can be a little lame but these squirt really well, which also means I can remove all the water easily to help prevent any mould growth; parenting win!

The Vital Baby Bath Toys have been a fun addition to little ones bath time and we're really impressed with the quality; they get a big thumbs up from us!


*we were sent these toys for review purposes, please read my disclaimer for more information


  1. That slide is so cool. Bath time is our favourite time of day and my eldest loves a squirter! ox

  2. They look so much fun! Benjamin is a big fan of the bath (unlike his older siblings) but as he gets older I'm sure he will appreciate playing with toys as well as simply splashing around - these look great! x

  3. These look great - I love the little duck slide! Alfie loves his bath time and has the biggest collection of bath toys but there's always room for more!

  4. A slide for the ducks! This is so cool. Sounds like bathtime is so much fun with these toys (I want to play with them!!)

  5. I think I am going to have to get the slide for the ducks because this sounds way to much fun. I am sure that the bath time is getting more and more fun with all these new toys how do you ever make the little man get out of the bath

    Charlotte x

  6. The slide looks so much fun! My daughter loves bath time- she'd want to stay in even longer with these!

  7. ah these look great I love the bright colours and the matching rings to go with the toys that would have been endless bath time fun when my girls were smaller xx

  8. These look so fab! I love the ducks and slide, so cute! And the sea creatures in the rings look so fun and educational too. Bear adores bath time & he has so many toys, I reckon he would love these too! Xx

  9. Ooh bath squirters that actually work, yay! Haven't heard of this brand but will look out for them as bath time is a big part of our routine and one of the happiest parts of our day


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