Friday, June 30, 2017

National Marine Aquarium Plymouth

National Marine Aquarium Plymouth Review

We knew we wanted to take little on a proper day out for his first birthday, but finding something that would appeal to him, and be suitable wasn't easy. We originally decided to go to the zoo but after thinking about it, at just one year old, how much would he actually see of the animals? So, in the end, we decided on the next best thing, or even better in our sons eyes because he loves fish; we chose to go to the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

What Happens During A Smear Test?

What happens during a smear test?
Earlier this year I received an important letter in the post, one that every woman, once they reach a certain age, will receive; an invitation for my first cervical screening, aka 'smear test'. Ill admit, my initial reaction was 'Oh crap', but after pregnancy, and giving birth I wasn't exactly adverse to getting my vagina out. Oh the joys of being a woman, but that's reality and the thought of cancer was far more daunting than a few minutes of embarrassment so I booked it.

A few days ago I read the recent figures released by the NHS which showed that the South West has one of the UK's lowest rates of young women coming forward for smear tests. Evidence shows there has been a fall in attendance of women across all age groups over the past few years but the decline is more prominent amongst younger women. This really shocked me, when something like cervical cancer can be markedly prevented by regular screenings and the HPV vaccine, I just can't fathom why anyone wouldn't have it done. I understand that embarrassment is a huge factor but the whole procedure really isn't that bad so I thought I'd share my experience in the hope it urges someone else to go and have their cervical screening done...

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tips For Stress Free Camping With A Toddler

Tips For Camping With A Toddler
Camping isn't for everyone but I'm a bit of a nature bum and love nothing more than being outside, especially when its quiet. It was pretty inevitable that we'd become a camping family; before we had little we used to go camping quite a lot and Daddy quite often goes fishing for the night. There are just so many beautiful places to explore so we knew we wanted to get little one used to camping from an early age. Here are my tips for camping with a toddler..

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Last Minute Father's Day Gifts

fathers day gifts
If you still haven't bought anything for Father's Day (which is on Sunday by the way) then don't worry, it's snuck up on me too. I'm usually one who tries to make things perfect, especially now I have my own child but this year, I've left it last minute. Little doesn't always grace Daddy with the same affection he does Mama, well that is unless you call an early morning smack to the face a serious show of love, but I know he'd show Daddy he's loved if he could. I'm a nag, I'm happy to admit that so I guess Father's Day is also a chance for me to show Mr that he's appreciated by the both of us. 

We went all out on novelty gifts last year for Daddy's first fathers day, but they don't really cut it every year. I don't want to end up with a stack of unworn Dad socks and air fresheners (they smell awful) in the drawer so instead I headed onto Amara to find something he, and my own dad will actually like. Amara have an extensive range of products on their site, and you'll definitely find something for all dads, here are some of my favourite picks..

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Toddlers Do The Most Annoying Things

toddlers are annoying
It's hard to imagine your sweet little newborn doing anything other than sleeping. I mean, those sleepless nights seem to go on forever but they don't. Well that is of course if you don't co sleep, because for us, actually just me, the other half sleeps soundly, my nights are still sleepless. I'm digressing, but in all honesty, I'm just here to tell you to embrace that baby stage, because once they can walk, once they become toddlers, it's a whole different kettle of fish; toddlers are so annoying...

Friday, June 09, 2017

Eating Out As A Family With Prezzo La Famiglia

Prezzo La Famiglia Review

My birthday was the only day last week that the sun decided to shine all day, it was magnificent! We thought it was the perfect excuse to banish the dishes and head out in the evening for something to eat. We love eating out, but as a family it can be quite stressful; finding a restaurant that caters for everyone isn't easy as we all tend to have different tastes and portion sizes. Daddy usually has eyes bigger than his belly and goes for an overly large portion of 'man food', I'm not exactly adventurous, I tend to stick to the same foods all the time and have a small portion. Little? Well if he could, he'd eat just about anything! Thankfully for moments like these, Prezzo have created La Famiglia.

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