Monday, July 10, 2017

My New Monchrome Space For Blogging

I've created a minimalistic, monochrome office space where I can blog in peace

I've been blogging from the comfort of my sofa for as long as I can remember, but recently I've been finding it really difficult to keep in the zone, and often find myself distracted by everything going on around me. We don't have a spare room for me to call an office so at the weekend I made myself a little space and set up my own little blogging area. I love the office space I've created; I wanted it to be fairly minimalistic so I've kept details simple, monochrome and clutter free..

A black and white office space by All Things Amy

Having my own office desk to sit at really helps to keep me focused and makes me feel like I've got my shit together. This desk is the UCLIC Aspire Desk + Single Drawer in White, it comes in a number of different colours and you can choose from two different sizes, I've gone for the 1200 version. Surprisingly, this was really simple to put together and took me about 10 minutes, laaaadies, who run the world?! Anyway, I'm a sucker for something that looks aesthetically pleasing and this goes really well with the decor in my house. I love the simple frame, and the drawer is the perfect size for keeping my note pads, camera and invoices contained, and safe from the toddler.

I've nabbed the Eames rocker from Little's room as it's so comfy to sit on, and rocking stops me going crazy when I'm having a mind blank. I'm also an old soul at heart so give me a blanket, a cup of tea and a rocking chair, and I'll be happy. 

monochrome desk decor

I absolutely love big perpetual calendars so this had to take pride place on my DIY notice board, I think it really helps accentuate the monochrome look. I've also got an extortionate amount of prints so I'll probably switch up the motivational prints from time to time.

a skagerak kitchen canister used as a stationery pot, nomess copenhagen scissors

My white pot is actually a Skagerak kitchen canister but I thought it would be perfect as a little holder for my stationary. I've only got clips, and scissors in there at the moment as I don't have any Insta worthy pens, all the ugly ones are hidden in the drawer! 

a minimalistic desk with monochrome details

No desk is complete without a plant, right?! This is just a fern, they're so easy to look after which is a huge bonus as I tend to neglect my housepants. Ooops.

Make a Sconce light with the IKEA Ekby Valter and Muuto Pendant Light for a simple office lamp

Now my favourite bit, the infamous IKEA Ekby Valter hack. My new MUUTO pendant light is beautiful in it's own right but it looks fabulous hanging as a sconce; I had to attach a plug onto the end to make it a lamp as it's originally made to hang from the ceiling, but I just love it!

monochrome vera wang travel mug  
This is the first post I've written whilst sitting at my desk, and I've found it much easier to get in the zone. I love having my own space where I can blog, drink tea from this fabulous mug and online shop without prying eyes, sssh! 


 *this is a collaboratuve post with Kit Out My Office,  please read my disclaimer for more information



  1. I LOVE this! The way you've created your own work space with the items is incredible! I love the desk, it's so simple but it's so nice, and the lamp! I can't believe you attached a plug and stuff on it so it would make it work better to what suited, I think it looks so great! And the fern plant really completes the space for sure! I haven't had a plant in ages, I think I'm better at keeping a child alive though, plants and flowers don't like me haha! Xx

  2. Ooooh love it what an inspiring place to blog. So clean and lovely. Enjoy!

  3. Oh how I wish my work area was calm, but I just can not do monocrome. I want to add lots of colour and jazz it up and then it just ends up looking like unicorn vomit!

  4. I love the clean simplicity of your office space. Not cluttered, but kept minimalist.

  5. Oh it looks fab! I love how simple it is, somewhere you can really concentrate x

  6. This is gorgeous! I still blog from the sofa and occasionally form my dressing table come desk. I adore your set up!

  7. I could never have a space this tidy! Love the monochrome look xo

  8. I love how clean, white and crisp it is! So good for productivity xx

    Alice Anne // Annie Writes Beauty

  9. Oh I love this office space, right up my street!! I love the minimalist look mixed with the monochrome xx

  10. OMG this is so lush, and so very you!

  11. It looks fab. I quite like blogging from my sofa and I don't know if I can make space for a desk space, but I'm a little bit jealous of the idea.

  12. Wow what a gorgeous space you have created. I love that rocking chair!

  13. Looks a great place to work from, I love how minimalist it is. My little area has a glass desk and a big silver picture frame-type noticeboard but invariably I end up blogging from the sofa 😀

  14. This is amazing! Looks like something you'd find on Pinterest and isn't that our end goal with interiors;) looks amazing. I reckon you'll be really inspired and productive!

  15. thats such a beautiful desk, I wish i had my own area where i could leave my laptop up but i use my other half's desk for writing so i usually need to stop when hes back home so he can work on his site. i am desk envious

  16. Now this is pretty impressive. I get absolutely nowhere with the rooms. Still loads to find for decorations

  17. Wow it looks stunning! I love a clear monochrome desk area as it keeps me calm when working. I need to get a fern for my office!

    Debbie x

  18. Such a lovely work space - so bright and functional! x


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