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5 Tips For Travelling Abroad With Young Children

One thing I want to be able to do is explore the world with my family. I'm hoping we'll be able to go somewhere new every year as I want little to experience different cultures, see new things and most of all, have some incredible memories. It's something that's really important to me, and now he's no longer a baby it's got me thinking about our first holiday, and how we'll prepare. So, I've put together five tips for travelling abroad with young children that we'll be following before every holiday..

Research Research Research

I'm not talking about making an itinerary that you have to follow exactly but I think it's well worth checking out age appropriate things to do in the area, temperature and weather expectations for when you're visiting, the local emergency numbers and anything that could potentially be dangerous (animals, plants etc). I love the idea of just packing a bag, and booking a last minute weekend trip to Europe, but, I think I'll leave spontaneous trips away until little is much older.

Learn the language

I think it's important to learn a little of the local language, especially the basics such as; 'Hello', 'Goodbye', 'Yes', 'No', 'Please and 'Thank You'. Being able to communicate is valuable, especially if you're in a situation and need some help. According to research from Holiday Autos,  27% of Brits make absolutely no effort to learn a language ahead of their holidays, because 'everyone speaks English'.  Can you believe that?!

British people are most familiar with French with the average adult speaking 15 words. I remember when I went to France as a kid, I thought I was pretty knowledgeable of the French language as I was taking it for GCSE. Well, when it came to asking for semi-skimmed milk, the woman had absolutely no idea what I was saying, and it resorted to us using hand gestures of milking a cow. Cringe, right?!

The Holiday Autos video below tickled me. To save me any further embarrassment, I shall be learning simple sentences and packing a phrase book, just in case.

Travel buggies and slings

Invest in a lightweight buggy suitable for travelling, there are some you can even use as hand luggage. If you plan on using it a lot, then make sure it's sturdy and comfortable for little ones. If you're travelling with a baby or toddler then a sling is also super handy - it's so easy to just pop them in when you're walking and it means you aren't left with any 'can we get the buggy up there' obstacles, or worrying about them running off.

Think about the flight 

Regardless of where you're going, you need to think about how to occupy children on the flight. If you have baby, it's worth timing a feed for take off and landing, this will help with any ear popping. For younger children, you could think about downloading a few of their favourite shows and games onto a tablet, this means you won't have to pack loads of toys into your hand luggage, but if in doubt, put together a little activity pack to keep them busy.

Take a little piece of home

Going somewhere different, let alone a different country can leave young children out of sorts so it's worth taking some home comforts to keep them at ease; pack their favourite blanket and some of their favourite smaller toys. Don't forget to pack a first aid kit, include favourite snacks, and anything that helps make those melt downs a little less dramatic.

So there you have my tips. Do you have any secret tricks to make travelling with young children easier?


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  1. Great advice lovely. I wholly agree with everything you've said. Doing a bit of research can mean not taking a ton of stuff you don't need, and a great sling is sometimes the perfect substitute for a buggy. When we went to Iceland with our toddler, I forgot my (really expensive) sling on the plane, and when I went to the tourist information centre, they just let us borrow one of their strollers :)

  2. What a great set of tips. I didn't get brave enough to go abroad with the kids until they were 9 but I now know I should have! Mich x

  3. Learning the language is always so important! Locals appreciate it more too especially if anything was to happen. Xx

  4. Great tips, we are yet to brave taking ours away but hopefully next year things will different.

  5. Some great tips there lovely. I definitely agree with learning a bit of the language, not being able to communicate makes me anxious just thinking about it. X

  6. Definitely agree with learning a bit of the local language! X

  7. Our babyzen yoyo buggy was amazing for taking on holiday. So light and compact we couldn't have done without it. Fab tips.

  8. great tips! I dont think I am ready for a long journey on a plane with my three haha

  9. I think I'd be one of those 27% of Brits, if we didn't always go to Cyprus for holidays - where I was brought up with the language already!

  10. We're off on holiday in a few days so these tips are so useful - we haven't travelled much and need all the advice we can get! x

  11. Oh fab tips! We are hoping to take both boys abroad next year on our first family holiday. The last time we took a little one abroad Toby was 11 months and it was quite easy. Looking forward to putting these into practice and I love learning languages x


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