Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Making A House A Home With Desenio

I've lived in my current home for over three years, and it wasn't until this year that I actually put some shelves up and started to make it look a little more 'homely'. I've always loved the Scandinavian decor of bright white walls, and clean spaces but find it's not always easy trying to jazz things up without creating clutter...
Ideally I'd like there to be absolutely no stuff loitering around, for everything to have it's own place but, I have a toddler, and all kinds of toddleresque crap to contend with. Storage bags are the light of my life, I literally just throw all the toys in a bag at the end of the day, and appreciate being able to see the floor again. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

The easiest way to add a little something to a room is with plants or prints, and boy do I love a print. I honestly must have nearly one hundred stacked away, I love being able to switch them up every now and then, it stops me feeling complacent which I like to think stops me spending money on more decor, but, that's probably a lie.

I recently came across Desenio, they have a huge selection of prints, there is literally something for everyone. It's super easy to find what you want as you have the opportunity to filter the prints by room - check out the kitchen prints, there are some seriously cool designs. The fact I don't have space for some in my kitchen makes a me a little sad, I need a gold pineapple. Seriously, check them out.

So what did I go for?

In the end I settled for a few prints for our bedroom, little man's room and a few to just dot around the house. Our bedroom was in dire need of a little spruce, so this was the perfect opportunity to make it nicer. Although, we quite like it plain, what is it they say? Tidy house, tidy mind? That's the mantra I go for with the bedroom, it's only used for chilling out and sleeping so I want it as peaceful as possible. I originally planned on having three prints on the shelf above the bed but, the measurements didn't work out. Although, this means I can switch up the leaf prints occasionally and still keep the vibe.

Little has quite a few prints in his bedroom but I couldn't resist a few more - especially the Hakuna Matata one, because well, Disney. Need I say more?! His room is very monochrome, with a kind of adventure vibe - think tee pee, arrows and exploring. We'll be giving his room more of a makeover soon, getting rid of the cot and making it a little less baby.

The other prints are just random around the house, I especially love this one tucked into the hallway mirror. I've been struggling alot with how I look so even if I don't feel 'lovely', it's a nice little pick me up. There are a couple of other prints on my desk, and the rest I'll just switch up as and when in the front room. I've also stored one away ready for the festive season, I've always been a Christmas fanatic but it's so much more exciting when you have children.

Despite the prints being dispatched from France, delivery time wasn't too long and they arrived in perfect condition. I was really impressed with Desenio, the prints are great quality and the prices are even better. 


As I said, the prices are already reasonable so I'm stoked to be able to offer you guys a 25% discount with the code 'ALLTHINGSAMY25'. Please note, this isn't valid on any handpicked prints or frames.

What do you think of my choices? What prints would you choose? I'm loving some of the new releases, especially the Cacti!


 *this is a collaborative post, please read my disclaimer for more information


  1. These are really gorgeous prints, we need some new artwork for our house so will definitely take a look!

  2. Oh yes without a doubt these prints are very pretty! I love the you look lovely print!

  3. Snap! We've got some of these prints, we love Desenio.

  4. I love how monochrome it is! xx

  5. These prints are lovely, we had such a good experience with Desenio, this would tempt me to go right back to them :) x

  6. Love these prints. The Hakuna Matata one is right up my street! Love that x

  7. You picked some lovely prints xo

  8. haha all that white makes me anxious! I am looking at getting some prints for the home when we finally get a bigger place! ill have to bookmark this post for future x

  9. The bunny print would be perfect for my daughter's room as she loves bunnies, love the simplicity of the prints x

  10. I love the Scandinavian look! I am currently redecorating my office and these prints would look perfect in there.

  11. I absolutely love these prints - I recently did my daughters nursery and these would be the perfect finishing touches!

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